Free Adobe Acrobat Reader : Read or annotate PDF files on mobile devices

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software that you will find on 90 percent of computers running the Windows operating system. AR is a must-have as well as important software because you can easily read or annotate PDF files with it.

Modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome can open a PDF document, but they don’t offer as many features as the Adobe Acrobat reader does.

The free Adobe Acrobat app has the mobile link feature with which you can view the recently downloaded files with the Adobe Document cloud platform. ADC is nothing but a cloud storage platform like DropBox, Google Drive, and others. Users of this app must create a free account if they want to use the mobile link module.

The Adobe Acrobat app’s main interface has 3 tabs – recent, local and the document cloud. PDF files that you’ve recently downloaded to your phone will be displayed in the recent tab.

The local section will make the Adobe Acrobat app search all PDF files stored on your phone. It will list the detected files in the local tab so that the user can easily find them.

The Acrobat Reader from Adobe has a search tool. If you don’t find a PDF file in one of the 1st two tabs, you should use this tool to locate for the missing file.

Adobe Acrobat packs with a premium Convert to PDF and export tools. If you want to convert images or Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel documents to the PDF format, you can use these tools. The subscription cost for the same is within 2 to 9 USD (monthly).

When you tap on a file name, Adobe Acrobat will load the PDF in a beautiful interface. The interface supports the below 3 reading layouts:

  • Single Page.
  • Text reflow
  • Continuous.

If the white color background of the PDF document is hurting your eyes, you can change the white background to black by turning on the night mode in Adobe Acrobat app.

The app allows you to add notes or a signature to any section of the PDF file. Adobe Acrobat supports 2 note styles. It allows the user to draw notes with a finger. It also enables you to add notes to the PDF file. The app lets you highlight any sentence or paragraph in a PDF file.

The user of Adobe Acrobat app will find the current page number floating to the right. The number will be incremented or decremented when the user scrolls up or down.

This app lets you add an author name to any PDF document of your choice. It allows users to search for specific text in a PDF document.

The app has a button to save your favorite files as a bookmark. It has the brightness control feature that will prevent the phone from lowering screen brightness when you’re reading a PDF file.

If you’re using the cloud storage feature of Adobe Acrobat, you can change the folder (location) where the PDF files will be saved.

The user can locate the above 2 functions in the app settings.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader app has cool features, doesn’t it? You can download it for free on Android, iPhone or Windows Phone OS running mobile device.