6 Best grammar apps for Android and iOS

A grammar app is a must-have application for users who compose emails, create/edit documents, etc on their mobile devices. If you don’t use it and you’re not good at writing, the person who’ll go through your written work will be amused with your work. If you’ve sent the document/email to your boss, your boss might ask you to improve your grammar. To avoid these types of embarrassments, you should either use an application that will highlight issues in the paragraphs you’ve written and will allow you to fix the same, or use applications that will teach you grammar. Below, I’ve shared 6 great Android/iOS applications you can use to find various types of grammar issues.

Best apps to check grammar


Grammarly Keyboard app

Grammarly is a popular Firefox/Chrome extension that allows users to fix grammatical issues on the PC. Although Firefox for Android lets you install plugins, Grammarly is not supported by the browser. Chrome for Android doesn’t support extensions yet. To use Grammarly on the phone, you should install the Grammarly Keyboard. The Grammarly keyboard is an excellent alternative to the stock Android keyboard as it suggests words and allows you to fix grammatical issues on the fly. The keyboard makes you aware of missing or invalid punctuations. It can also show alternative words to the one you’ve entered in the text area.

Grammarly is supported by 1000s of applications that ask users to enter text. When you make it as a default keyboard on your smartphone/tablet, the keyboard will pop up on the screen each time you open an interface that prompts you to enter something (e.g. email, name, address, etc). Grammarly can identify various types of writing problems. It is the best grammar checker app for Android and iOS devices.

Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard app

Ginger is similar to Grammarly. Like Grammarly, it can display incorrect spellings, invalid punctuations, etc, in real-time. It also analyzes the words you’ve typed and recommends an emoji that you can insert in the text field. This grammar checker app can translate the text you’ve written in a non-English language to English. It ships with over 1000 emojis, GIFs, stickers, etc. Ginger teaches users to rephrase sentences. When Ginger detects grammar and spelling mistakes, it lists them and displays an option to fix the issues. I’ve used Grammarly as well as Ginger. Ginger offers more features than the Grammarly keyboard, but its contextual grammar checker is not as powerful as that of Grammarly.

Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker app

GC is a dedicated app to check grammar. It features a large text area to enter up to 2000 words. GC enables you to save the text you’ve entered in the text area to a file. It doesn’t save your work automatically. Thus, if the application crashes for some reason, you may lose your unsaved work. GC highlights the issues with different colors. Like Grammarly, it also makes users aware of punctuation mistakes. Although GC is a good application, you should have a basic knowledge of grammar to use this application as it displays multiple choices for grammar issues.

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ProWriting - best grammar apps for Android and iPhone

ProWriting is similar to the above application but has more features. It has a dedicated button to copy/paste the text and features a notepad like interface where the users can type words or paste their document’s text. PW has a built-in language translator and an English dictionary. It displays the number of issues your document has and why the app wants you to fix the problem.

The above applications will highlight grammar issues and incorrect spellings in the document you’re editing. They can also suggest alternative words that you can use in your document to impress the reader. If you’re looking for apps to learn grammar, use the following applications:

English Grammar Master

English Grannar Master

EGM is a great application to learn grammar. It covers 30 topics. Each topic in EGM is divided into several short, precise, and easy-to-understand subtopics. English Grammar Master shows a list of chapters on its main interface. You should tap the chapter to go through it.

English Grammar

English Grammar app

Like the above application, EG teaches its users grammar. It also offers more features. The English Grammar app allows you to bookmark topics and has mini-tests that you can participate in to test your skills. EG has a built-in translator tool and a search utility you can use to find lessons. The application downloads chapters on your mobile device so that you can go through them without connecting the device to a WiFi hotspot or enabling the mobile data connection.

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Tip: Whether you’re using a grammar checker app or not, if you’re writing an important email or creating a document on a mobile, you should read the document/email twice before sending/sharing it.

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