Facebook Messenger free download and review : IM redefined

With a mission to connect the world and make it a more open place, Facebook Inc., has recently announced that 800 million people monthly are using its Messenger service. Being a user of top IM services like Skype, WhatsApp from the past few years, I thought of trying Facebook Messenger on my Smartphone that runs on Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow). Here is a brief review of the world’s second most used IM service.

Launched in the year 2011 by the social networking giant, Facebook Inc., Messenger, has more than 1 billion downloads through Google’s Play Store. The app is free of costs and comes with version in a file size of 25.86MB. After installing this app, it uses 101MB of total storage space and consumes maximum 148MB RAM.

The app is easy to use and works pretty well. When you start Messenger for the very first time, it will ask you to enter your email id or phone number that you used to sign up on facebook.com. Once you successfully signed in, the app will synchronize all those conversations that you had with your Facebook friends.

The user interface of this app is quite neat and simple. There are four sections on the app:

Recent: Shows you all your previous and ongoing conversations.

Groups: Helps you to create groups to communicate with multiple contacts instantly.

Contacts: Shows you a list of all your Facebook friends as well as your Messenger contacts.

Settings: We know what the settings can do, so let us focus on other features of the app.

There are plenty features in Facebook Messenger that makes this app outstanding. They are as follows.

Chat Heads

If you want to read a message and reply it while using some other app, Chat Heads help you in doing so. Once enabled, whenever a new message arrives, a chat head containing your friend’s profile picture will pop up in a form of small coin like circles.

Phone Contacts

We know how WhatsApp Messenger uses our phone book to find contacts that are using its service. In the same way, this app will allow you to verify your phone number and find people from your phone book who are using Messenger.

HD Messenger Calls

If you prefer to talk rather than sending text messages, this feature is for you. Facebook Messenger allows you to make free voice calls over cellular data and Wi-Fi network. There is one condition that the user whom you are calling must be active on messenger. If the person with whom you want to talk is not active, but you still call him, he will receive a missed call message.

Video Calls

Yes, now you can make video calls through Facebook Messenger for Android, iPhone or Windows. If you want to use this feature, make sure to have enough cellular data or a Wi-Fi network and the person with whom you want to talk is active.

Photo Magic

In this feature, when you capture a photo of your friend, Messenger tries to match it with your friends’ profile pictures and other tagged photos on Facebook. After recognizing the photo, you will receive a notification if you want to send it to all your friends.

Pictures and Videos

There are people around us who love to take photos or videos and share them with friends. In Messenger, you can do the same and even faster. The app makes use your phone’s camera right within the app that allows you to capture things instantly.

Voice Messages

It is very easy to send a voice message in Facebook Messenger. If you want to record, voice messages and send it to your friend, select the recording option that is available in the app.


If you want to share your position in a conversation, use the location option. It is very simple to use this feature. Open location option, you will notice a small blue circle showing your current location. Selectively share and done.

Chat Stickers

I love this feature. Stickers are the cartoon type images that we use to bring the fun in a conversation. The Facebook Messenger app comes with its very own Stickers Store where you will get many packs free.

Conversation Colors

Want to change the color of a conversation, if yes, then you will love this feature. In the FB Messenger, when you do not like the default color of a conversation, you can change it.


You can add a custom name or nickname for the person with whom you are chatting in Facebook Messenger. For example, if your friend’s name is Kelly Johnson you can add a nickname like Kells. Doing so will change the name of conversation with Kelly Johnson to Kells.


We all are aware of the emojis and their use. In Messenger, if you like an emoji and want to set it for a conversation, you can do so in the FB messenger.


Users can send as well as receive money from their friends in Facebook Messenger. To use this feature, you will have to install the latest version of Messenger. You will also have to add the details of a debit card issued by a US bank to your account.

Third Party Apps for Facebook Messenger

In Messenger, there is an option to add third-party apps like GIF Keyboard, GIPHY, Bitmoji, Ditty, QuizChat, Flipboard, etc. If you want to browse or add third party apps, go to conversation and select ‘Get Apps for Messenger.’ A list will pop up from where you can install as many as you want.

Free Download links: AndroidWindows phone, iPad or iPhone

My Verdict

Facebook Messenger comes with many powerful features that make this app unique and useful. When it comes to performance, the app works fine, but crashes many times when you are switching between apps or while multitasking.

Sharing photos and videos are easy, but you cannot download them. Moreover, playing a video in this app will surely make you lose your cool.

Here is something that you would not like at all. Let me explain it to you with an example. Think that you are using the Facebook app on your device and someone sends you a message or you want to take a look at all your previous conversations. Whether you like it or not, to read or view a message, you will have to install the Facebook Messenger app.