Free Cricbuzz app : Get latest Cricket News and scores on phone

When you’re in the workplace, you cannot watch YouTube nor you can browse third party websites. A few years back when Nokia was a major smartphone brand, you had to rely on the browser to get news and updates on cricket scores. Today, you can download a sports app from the play store for the same.

CricBuzz is a popular portal for cricket lovers. 100s of people access the website every day. Opening a website in a browser can be frustrating on slow 2 connections. Keeping this in mind, Times Internet, the company that owns CricBuzz has launched an Android app for the iPhone, Android, and Windows PC.

CricBuzz app

CB (for all the 3 OS) has a nice UI. It is eye-friendly because the theme of the app is dark. On its main Window, Cricbuzz displays a slider that boasts the scores of live cricket matches. This window also displays the top stories (news on your favorite cricketers, umpires, ongoing matches, etc).

When you tap on a story, Cricbuzz opens the hottest news in the app itself. CB doesn’t prompt users to open a third-party web browser on their phone. The app lets you hear the news. If you don’t want to strain your eyes, tap this button. If you find the news interesting, Cricbuzz allows you to share it on social channels. To switch to the next or previous top story, the user must swipe his finger on the screen to the left or right.

cricbuzz app android free download

Other features

Cricbuzz allows users to check the scorecard in detail. You can check stats and ratings of your favorite cricketers with this Android app. If a series or a major tournament is live, the app displays detailed statistics on the matches. For example, you can know which player has scored the maximum runs, taken the most wickets, hit the most fifties, centuries, sixes, fours, etc. To know which team will enter the finals, semi or quarter-final, you should go through the Cricbuzz app’s points table.

The Cricbuzz Android application has a gallery section, with which you check the photos of players in action on the field. If you want to know what happened in the world of cricket on the same date of previous years, open the menu of the Cricbuzz app and tap on “this day that year” option.

Download Links: iPhone, Windows, and Android

The Cricbuzz app features an archives section where users will find the news the app has covered in the previous years. The arhive interface has a tool to search for news. To get the latest T20 cricket world cup scores on your phone, make sure that you follow the above links to download the app on your mobile phone.