Hexlock app review : Manage Phone security and privacy easily

Smartphones have today become an important part of our life. We all love to keep it with us, whether we are at work or somewhere out. Smartphones are useful, but do we secure it? Well, many would say yes just because they keep their phone locked.

Take a minute and think, one of your friends, relatives, or colleagues borrows your Android phone that has a lot of private stuff, as the apps did not have any lock or security options, he will use them. He’ll also have access to your personal data. Now before you make a fool of yourself again, secure your data by installing an app locker. Phone security and privacy is important. There are some good applications that takes care of it automatically. You’ve to configure them once. A new a powerful app locker on the play store is the Hexlock.

Voted as one of the Best Apps of 2015 on the Google Play Store Canada, and known as a ‘Top developer’ a company named Liquidium Limited has developed the Hexlock app. The app has more than 500 thousand downloads, and it supports devices that run Android 4.0.3 or up versions. As the Hexlock app is compatible with my device, I installed its 1.6.2 version, which has an APK file size of 4.14 MB.

Once installed the Hexlock app will use 4.59 MB of internal storage and consume average 19 MB to maximum 69 MB of RAM.

Features of the Hexlock app are:

Locks Apps: The title itself suggests its motive. This feature locks all the apps that you select.

Automatically Lock Apps: When you use this option, Hexlock will automatically activate lock profiles, as soon as your device connects to a known Wi-Fi network.

Set Parental Controls: This feature will prevent your kids from making any in app purchases or change settings while playing games or using the device.

Fingerprint Unlocking: Uses your fingerprint as a key to unlock any app. This feature will work with compatible Samsung devices.

Invisible Pattern Lock: When you enable this option, it will hide the pattern that you use while unlocking an app.

Relock Delay: This option makes it easy for you to switch between apps, by delaying the lock.

Uninstall Prevention: If enabled, this feature does not allow any unauthorized user to uninstall the app.

New App notification: When you install a new app, Hexlock notifies you to whether to lock it or not.

The user interface (UI) of this app is very simple, which makes it easy to use. When you first start the Hexlock app, it will prompt you to set a PIN or Pattern. Later, by default, a Work profile window will open, asking you to add apps that need a lock.

Hexlock app comes with profile options like Work, Home, Party, Parental, School, and Cafe, which are customizable. Frankly speaking, I found this feature quite useful, and time saving.

For example, when you are at work, select the Work profile and add all those apps that you do not want your colleagues to open when you share your phone with them. Now let us say that you at home, switch the profile from Work to Home to keep all your office info secure.

My verdict

Hexlock is the best app locker for Android devices. It is easy to set up, useful and performs very well. If you too are looking for something that will keep your data secure, visit the play store and install the Hexlock, it will not disappoint you.