Hike Messenger Review : Free WhatsApp Alternative

The Popularity of instant messaging (IM) services has grown rapidly from past few years. Being a user of IM services for a long time, today I will be sharing my experience and views on a popular instant messaging app, called Hike.

Founded in the year 2012 by Hike Ltd., Hike Messenger is a popular IM app that has more than 10 million downloads through the Play Store. I downloaded Hike 4.1.0 on my Moto G3 phone. The messenger app comes with a file size of 18.74 MB. Once installed, this app uses a total storage space of 29.60 MB and average 19 MB to maximum 127 MB of RAM. In the last few months, the popularity of Hike has grown twofold. It has become a good WhatsApp alternative.

Though free of costs, the Hike Messenger comes with plenty exciting features like:

Hike Direct: When a user wants to chat or share files with friends, but without using the internet, the Hike Direct option allows them in doing so. To use this feature, the user must make sure that a contact is within the range of 100 meters.

Hide Chat: Protect your private chats from the world by using the Hide Chat option. If enabled, this option allows a user to set a password, in the form of a PIN or pattern to make chatting more secure.

Free Stickers: Stickers are one of the best ways to convey messages faster. Therefore, the Hike Messenger provides more than 5000 Stickers free to its users.

Free Hike Calls: Allows the user to make HD quality voice calls in over 200 countries by using mobile data or Wi-Fi network.

Hike Offline: Want to send a message to your friend, but he is not online, do not worry. When Hike Messenger learns that your friend is offline, it sends your message in the form of an SMS without any extra charges.

Chat Themes: Hike allows its users to personalize converse by applying a chat theme of their choice. When a user selects a different theme for a chat and saves it, the same would be set for both contacts.

Personal Assistant: Hike’s free personal assistant provides useful info on topics like, movie ratings, time, weather, etc.

Original Images: We all love to capture images, which we later share it with our friends. Unlike other IM apps, when we share a picture using the Hike Messenger, the receiver will get the image in its original resolution.

Files: There are many IM apps, which do not support this amazing feature, but Hike does. By using this app, a user can share files of any type with a contact.

News: Provides latest news and headlines from around the world.

Keyboards and languages: Hike Messenger allows its users to exchange messages in their native languages. The current version (4.1.0) supports eight Indian languages and keyboards, which will increase in the coming time through updates.

Photo filter: The app comes with more than 20 free photo filters that will allow you to edit an image on the go.

Large files: By using this messaging app, at once, a user can share files or videos of 100 MB.

Groups: Groups keep us in a touch with our near and dear ones. On Hike, a user can create a group by adding up to 500 members.

Free Group Calls: Hike Messenger claims that its users can call up to 100 people in a group at once.

The user interface of the Hike Messenger is simple, which makes it easy to use. When you first start the app, it prompts you to enter and verify your phone number, which is necessary. All features in Hike Messenger work as they’re advertised. The overall performance of this app is good. The app comes with many helpful and top features that make it a very useful.

My verdict:

Hike Messenger is a top free IM app that comes with many excellent features. It is easy to use and works without any lags. The app will sometimes make you lose your cool over it, especially on News. RAM usage is seldom high on heavy usage. Keyboards and native language support are a good feature but, are lacking some useful functions. If you are looking for a messaging app that has better security and file sharing options, you will surely like the Hike Messenger app.