Microsoft connections : Smart way to manage contacts on Android

Known as a top developer of apps on the Google Play Store, Microsoft has now launched a new app called, Connections, which helps us to manage our contacts in a better and unique way. This app’s APK installer package comes with a file size of 5.60 MB and it supports devices running Android 4.4, 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0 versions. Being compatible with my device, I installed the app’s 1.0.43 version that uses 6.28 MB storage space and average 22 MB and max 85 MB RAM.

Connections app is very easy to use. As its motive is to make our bond strong with contacts, it allows us to:

  • Set reminders for every contact.
  • Send quick messages on the go, during or after a call.
  • Categorize contacts with a # tag to search them fast.
  • Create visual notes and reminders by using pictures from the phone gallery.
  • View last note before answering a call.
  • Add a new note or reminder directly after making a new call.

Performance wise, the Connections app is fast and works well. I did not find any complications while using the app, all credit goes to the app’s neat user interface.

Creating notes or reminders for contacts in the Connections app is simple and fun. When you start the app, go to the lower right-hand side corner and press the press the Add button. When you do so, a list containing three options will appear. The list features the below functions:

Contact: When you select this option, a pop-up window will open showing you all your contacts. After selecting one, a tab containing tags like #general, #personal, #other, and plenty more will appear, pick what suits the best with your contact and save it. Once done, the selected contact will appear on app’s main screen with an option to Set Reminder and Add Note.

Reminder: This allows us to add a quick reminder for a contact. When you select this option, a pop-up window appears with all your contacts. After choosing a contact, a new quick reminder tab will open asking you to enter a date, time, and the note.

Note: If you want to add a new note for a contact, just select this option. A tab containing a blank box will appear where you can add all necessary information.

When you have added a note or reminder to a contact, close the app and give it a call. You will notice a small minimized floating circle in the left-hand side corner of the call.

Quick Messages: The Connections app also allows us to send quick messages instantly during an active or after a call by setting them as templates. To do so, pick a connections contact and open it. Tap on the Message icon and a new window will open asking you to type a new, send a quick, or to view recent messages.

My verdict

I found the Connections app very useful and handy. Though the app is new, it comes with neat features, which will increase in the coming time through updates. If you are someone who wants to do things instantly, go for this app, you will love it.