Microsoft Mimicker free alarm app for Android launched

We all love to sleep, but many of us hate it when it’s the morning and we are asked to get out of the bed. To help you wake up and keep the brain active, Microsoft Corporation has developed a morning alarm app for Android devices. The new app is called the Mimicker Alarm.

Now you might be thinking what is so good about this app. Well, the Mimicker Alarm comes with a simple game called Mimic, which does not turn off the alarm until the user mimics a specific action.

Let us assume for a moment that you set the alarm time for 5 AM tomorrow. When the alarm starts to ring, you will try to switch it off, but in the Mimicker app, things are a bit different. A user can snooze the alarm for 5 minutes, but would not be able to switch it off until he mimics the action given. If the user does not finish the game, the Mimicker Alarm will start ringing again as the user may have fallen asleep after getting up.

Mimicker Alarm works online as well as offline. When you are active on a data connection, the app will use the internet to give you an action like:

  • A tongue-twisting phrase and asks to speak it.
  • Makes you use your front facing camera to take a selfie of expressions like, a scared or disgusted face.
  • Match a color by using the primary camera.

When you are offline, it would not ask you any of the above actions, but Microsoft Minicker for Android will display a new window in which the user will find a circular object moving at random positions on the screen. The user has to tap on the object. Once the user finishes the Mimic, the alarm switches off and the app allows him to share his personalized results with his friends.

Mimicker Alarm is a free app that requires Android 4.1 or up. As my device runs on Android M, I downloaded this app’s version which comes in a file size of 21 MB (APK). After installing the app, it uses 43.35 MB of storage space and utilizes an average 50 MB to maximum 82 MB of RAM. Performance wise, this app works well and does not consume too much of the ram. The user interface (UI) of this app is simple, which makes it easy to use.

My verdict:

Although it is new, I find this app very useful. The app does not disappoint you and does a good job. It does lack some features, which it will gain through updates in the coming time. The overall performances of the app are good and if you are looking forward to replacing your current alarm app, go for the Mimicker Alarm.