Nova Launcher review : Fast and Offers plenty of features

We all love to customize our phone whether it is old or new. Today, I thought to do the same. Rather than using an accessory to change the outer side of my Android Smartphone, I want to personalize its user interface (UI) and give it a fresh new look by using the Nova Launcher app.

The launcher is a part of Android’s user interface that allows us to customize its home screen, app drawer, other tasks, etc. by third-party apps. Android devices come with a launcher inbuilt, but we can download more from Google’s Play Store.

Although there are many amazing apps on the Play Store that will help you to personalize your device, I ended up my search on the Nova Launcher App.

Developed by TeslaCoil Software, the free Nova Launcher app has more than 10 million downloads through the Play Store. As this app’s current version, required Android, and size, varies by device, I installed its version 4.2.2 that comes with a file size of 5.93 MB. Once installed, the Nova Launcher app uses 7.43 MB of internal storage and an average 26 MB to maximum 172 MB of RAM.

The Nova launcher is the best thing that could happen to any Android device as it comes with many customization options. Some are as follows:

Desktop (Home Screen) features

Desktop Grid: This option allows us to grid the size for apps and widgets on the home screen.

Icon Layout: If you want to add a shadow effect, change colors, and the font size of a label on a home screen, enable this option.

Scroll Effect: Add a transition effect like Simple, Cube, or Card Stack when you scroll between home screens, this feature will help you in doing so.

New Apps: When you download and install new apps on your device, this option will add them automatically to your home screen. You should enable this feature to use it.

App and Widget Drawer features

Drawer App Grid: This allows to grid the size for apps on the drawer.

Frequently used apps: Shows frequently used apps in the top row.

Card background: Allows the drawer to use the entire screen for displaying apps.

Background: Sets a different color and transparency level for the app drawer.

App search bar: Adds a search bar above apps to find stuff at an ease.

Pull to search: Brings out the search bar by a simple pull down in the app drawer.

Tab bar: Presents a tabs and menu button above apps.

Dock features

Dock Background: Adds a custom background or color, shape, and transparency level to the dock.

Dock Pages: If users want to add multiple docks just like home screens, they should use this option.

Dock Icons: Changes the number of icons on one page of the dock.

Icon Layout: Decreases the icon size, allows changing the font, size, color, and shadowing effect of labels in the dock.

Folder features

Folder preview: This option allows you to change the way icons appear in folders. For example, if the current view is List, you can change it to Grid, Stack or Fan.

Folder Background: Changes the icon shape and allows the user to set a custom background.

Window Transition Animation: Adds a transition animation like Circle and Zoom to the folder window.

Window Background: Allows us to change color and transparency levels of the folder window.

Window Icon Layout: This option allows us to adjust the font size, color. You can also add a shadow effect to labels in the window with it.

Look and feel features

Icon theme: Provides a list of all available Icon Packs that helps a user to change whenever they want.

Normalize icon size: Scaled down large icons to match Material guidelines.

Scroll Speed: Changes the speed of scrolling between home screen or drawer pages.

App Animation: Gives animation effect to an app when opening it or returning to the home screen.

Backup and Import

Users can take a backup of all their customizations on the device storage. This tool also allows us to import desktop layout from another launcher.

Download Nova launcher here for Android

My Verdict

The Nova Launcher is an outstanding app that gives you plenty customization options. It is fast, does not consume too much of space, and works very well. If you are looking for an app to personalize your phone at ease, go for the Nova Launcher app, you will love it.