NTES app download : National Train Enquiry system from Indian Railways

The National train Enquiry system aka NTES is a free app that you can use to see the details of a train. The information displayed by the NTES application is 100 percent accurate. This is because the information is provided by the Indian Railways. If you’re a person who has to travel by the railways every day, you should use NTES as the app can save time as well as money for you.

Below is the list of useful features that you’ll find in NTES:

Find or Spot the train

NTES allows you to see the live running status of a train. The “Spot Train” interface displays a textbox where you should enter a 5 digit train number. When you fill this field, NTES will automatically select the station and at the same time, the app will display the train name.

The app allows you to see the train’s journey for the same/next/previous day. When you tap on the show status button, the app will display the source and destination stations along with the scheduled arrival, departure times. It will also show the delay time (if the Indian Railways changes its schedule or ETA).

Live Station

This section displays 2 fields i.e. source and destination stations and 2 options i.e. chose trains in the next 2 or 4 hours. It allows you to see the list of trains that are expected to reach the source station in the next 120 or 240 minutes. When the user has selected the fields, NTES will display the below details of the available trains for the selected routes:

  • Number and name.
  • STA/STD i.e time or arrival and departure (source).
  • Delay.
  • Estimated time of arrival and departure (destination).

The Live station module is useful when the user has missed a train or want to travel immediately because of an emergency.

Schedule (Time Table):

When the user enters the train name or number in this section, NTES will display a list of all stations that the train will reach. The app will show the station name, arrival, departure time, distance in kilometers and the day (if the journey will take more than a day).

Journey between stations

This interface of NTES allows you to find trains between 2 stations. It lets you search train by types i.e Rajdhani, Superfast, Duronto, Shatabdi, Passenger, etc

Along with the above data, the NTES app can make you aware of the canceled, diverted and rescheduled trains.


  • NTES has a simple UI. Thus, it is easy to find trains.
  • Fast as it works on a slow GPRS connection very well.
  • Free. You don’t have to buy the app to see the train’s live running status.
  • Supports many platforms.
  • Autocomplete feature.

Links to download NTES

Download on Android.
Download NTES on Windows phone.
Get NTES app for iPhone or iPad.

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Conclusion: Every feature and function in the free NTES app for mobiles is useful. This application doesn’t have banners or annoying floating ads. It is powerful because you can easily get details of any trains of your choice.