Pedometer app : track steps and calories you’ve burnt while walking

There’s an old English proverb that says “health is wealth”. The proverb is meaningful in a lot of ways. If you’re healthy, your brain will function well. You’ll be free from many diseases and ailments. The best way to stay healthy is to exercise smartly by monitoring how many calories you’re burning during a workout or by walking. This can be done in 3 ways:

  1. Buy a smartwatch
  2. Buy a fitness wristband
  3. Use your smartphone as a fitness gadget.

Android, Samsung Tizen or Apple smartwatches are expensive. You must spend at least 200 USD to buy one. There are some cheap fitness bands that you can buy online but most of them look ugly.

If you’re looking for a simple step counter, then you don’t have to buy any gadget or a band. Install the free Pedometer app from Tayutau on your handset and use it. The app converts your smartphone into a step counter and it saves your money.

Pedometer uses the phone’s motion sensors i.e gyroscope or accelerometer sensor to check how many steps you’ve walked.

The app displays 3 tabs, i.e day, week and month. Each tab displays many calories you’ve burned, steps you’ve walked, time spent in walking and your speed.

The app has buttons to start or stop recording the steps. When you tap on start, the Pedometer for Android will activate its step tracker function which increments the counter each time you move from one place to the other. When you’re done with walking, tap on the stop button.

Pedometer lets you check the details or previous days. It displays a day vs steps graph to make you aware of the progress (if you have set health goals).

The Android Pedometer app can be used during a jogging session. It lets you share your achievements on other websites. Like other apps, it can be configured by the user. In settings, you’ll find these options.

  • Switch to standard or energy-saving mode.
  • Configure the sleep time.
  • Turn automatic start or stop feature on or off.
  • Adjust sensitivity.
  • Switch to a different color theme.
  • Change the displayed distance from miles to meter.
  • Backup the data.
  • Enter personal information i.e Age, sex, weight and step length (for more accurate results)

I’ve used this free app from Tayutau for a couple of hours. It is the most accurate pedometer that I’ve used. When it is active, you can hold the phone in your hand or keep it in your pocket. The app will keep recording your step count until you tap on the stop button. This Pedometer app will not be affected when the phone enters in the stand by mode or when the home screen gets locked.

Download the app here.

This Pedometer aka Walking app runs smartly in the background. It doesn’t drain the phone’s battery quickly nor does it crashes other apps and the Android OS.