Swiftkey Keyboard for Android : Review and Full Features

Whether it is a phone, software, or an app, we all love to upgrade it for better experience. Today I thought of doing the same with the keyboard on my Android device by using the SwiftKey Keyboard app.

Offered by Swiftkey, a ‘Top Developer’ of apps on the Play Store, the SwiftKey Keyboard is a top-rated app that has more than 10 million downloads. This app is an In-app product where per item costs Rs. 10 to Rs. 414.99.

As this app supports my device that runs on Android M (Marshmallow), I downloaded its version, which comes with a file size of 30.24 MB. Once installed, this app uses 40.65 MB of internal storage and an average 53 MB to maximum 100 MB of RAM.

SwiftKey is an amazing app that helps you to upgrade your Smartphone’s keyboard. It comes with many amazing features like:

Themes: Themes are one of the best ways to personalize things the way we want. The SwiftKey Keyboard app comes with plenty of free themes that allow us to change the layout of a keyboard. Nevertheless, when a user wants more theme packs, they can visit the SwiftKey Store and buy or download whichever they like.

Languages: This is an important and a very useful feature of the SwiftKey Keyboard app. As this app supports more than 200 languages, users can switch the keyboard to type whatsoever they want in their regional or local dialect.

Emoji: We all love to use emoji in discussions to make it more enjoyable. By considering them vital for a chat, SwiftKey Keyboard comes with plenty amazing emoji.

Voice Input: If you do not like to keep typing, then this option is for you. SwiftKey Keyboard supports voice typing that allows its user to input text with their voice. Users can enable voice typing from the keyboard itself by pressing the microphone key.

Autocorrect: Now say goodbye to spelling mistakes. Many times, we make mistakes while typing, especially on a touchscreen keyboard. When we type using the SwiftKey Keyboard, it checks and instantly corrects our spellings.

Swipe: If you do not wish to tap and type, choose the swipe method, it is fast, easy, and you will love it. To use this method for entering a text, just slide from one letter to another.

SwiftKey Hub: Without any waste of time, type fast and at ease by customizing the keyboard layout on the go via the SwiftKey Hub.

Backup and Sync: This is an optional feature where you need to sign in with your Google account. When you do so, SwiftKey collects all your personalized settings, languages and syncs it across all your devices.

The overall performance of this app is good. It is fast, easy to set up and better than other keyboard apps on the Android market.

Download the app here.

My verdict:

SwiftKey is a fantastic app that does an exceptional work. The app comes with useful features like autocorrect, language support, which allows its users to type lines without much effort and in an easy way. RAM usage is high sometimes, but considering the number of cool features that the app offers, it is worth it. If you are looking forward to replacing your smartphone’s keyboard, without any doubt, go for the SwiftKey Keyboard, you will love it.