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Pramod Choudhary

Pramod Choudhary is a CS post-graduate who builds mobile/web apps. He is a computer programmer by profession. He has been building mobile and desktop apps since 2011. Currently, Pramod uses an Asus octa-core smartphone. Before switching to the Asus mobile, he was using a low-end Xiaomi phone and before switching to Android OS, Pramod owned a Nokia phone which was powered by the Symbian OS. He used the Nokia device for 3 years from the year 2009 to 2011. Since the year 2009, Pramod has used and tested hundreds of mobile apps. He has built a few Android apps as well. Pramod tests the apps on his smartphone before sharing it with you on this site. When he’s not building or testing apps, he pursues his hobby of gardening, traveling, reading, playing games, etc. See Pramod’s LinkedIn profile to know more about him.


Kailash is BCOM graduate. He has a year of experience in accounting. Being an avid reader for tech magazines and being a huge fan of Android, Kailash decided to pursue a full-time online career by writing content for this website. He uses a Motorola handset to test apps.


Why was bestappsguru.com launched?

Best Apps Guru was launched on 8th January 2016. Through this website, we will make you aware of the useful and new apps that were recently launched by third party developers and top organizations.

This website will publish detailed reviews of your favorite apps. Here, you’ll find only mobile and tablet application related news on this site.

If you’re searching for an app, use our search form to find it. If you want us to review your free Android or Windows phone app, please feel free to contact us. The contact form can also be used to submit new tips or make us aware of an error in the published articles.

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