5 Best horoscope apps for Android and iOS

No one can predict what’s going to happen tomorrow, but some methods can give you an idea of what your day, week, month, or year would be like. The study and implementation of these methods is called astrology. In astrology, astrologers study the position of planets and create predictions or horoscopes. In the early 2000s, you had to watch the television or purchase a newspaper to see the horoscope. Now, you see or get daily/weekly/yearly predictions on your phone without paying a dime with the following applications:

Best horoscope apps for Android and iOS

Daily Horoscopes by Comitic

Daily Horoscope

DH is one of the highest-rated horoscope applications on iTunes and the Play Store. It is free and beautiful. DH makes you aware of Chinese, Druid, etc horoscopes for the year, day, or month. If you don’t know your zodiac sign, you should click the “What’s my sign” button displayed on the interface and select your birthdate. DH lets you find out your Chinese and Druid zodiac signs. Once you choose your sign, DH will show the detailed horoscope.

The app lets you see the characteristics of people having certain zodiac signs. It has a compatibility checker utility that you can use to find out the relationship between you and the person you know. DH lets users create horoscope reminders or add zodiac signs to the favorites list. It enables you to change the interface background theme, font size, enable fireworks effect/widget, etc.

Horoscopes by Mail Ru


Mail Ru is yet another excellent horoscope app for iPhone and Android with good ratings. It asks you to select your birth date, year, and month. You can also sign in to it with your Facebook account. Once you enter the date of birth, the application will show your reading and a sign on its interface. MRH lets you see the horoscope for the previous day, tomorrow, the coming week, or the current month. It lets you see the relation between two persons or people belonging to two different zodiac signs. Users can configure MRH to display horoscope notifications at a time specified by them. It enables you to add the daily horoscope widget on the home screen.

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Horoscope of Birth

Horoscope Of Birth

HOB prompts users to enter their names and choose their birth date. Once users enter these two details, this horoscope app for Android will show an interface with three tabs. In the first tab, HOB shows the time left for your birthday, the number of hours you’ve lived, the number of times you’ve blinked, the number of times your heart has beaten, etc. The heartbeat/eye blinking details are based on average numbers. In the 2nd tab, HOB shows your lucky number and the prediction according to numerology. In the 3rd tab, the app shows your general/love/career/wellness horoscope. HOB makes you aware of the prediction for the week or the next day. It also lets you see the horoscope of the previous day. It is smaller in size compared to the above two applications.

Co-Star personalized astrology

Co Star

Co-Star is the 1st horoscope application on our list that requests you to enter and verify your phone number and register an account. During the a/c registration process, Co-Star asks you to enter your name, place of birth, time of birth, etc. Why is registration required? Co-Star enables you to find and add friends. The generated horoscope is based on the information you enter. Once you enter the required details and your account is ready, Co-Star will show the current day’s horoscope in detail. The reading section is divided into the following parts:

  • Love, routine.
  • Thinking & Creativity, Spirituality.
  • Social Life, self.

In addition to the horoscope, Co-Star creates a chart and explains the position of the planets and how they’re impacting your life positively or negatively.

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Astrosage is a great application for people who believe in Indian astrology. It is one of the most popular horoscope apps for Android and iOS devices. Astrosage lets users enable daily horoscope notifications. In addition to displaying today’s prediction, it also suggests a remedy to the problem you might be facing in your life, according to the app. Like other apps, Astrosage gives users access to the weekly, monthly, yearly predictions for all zodiac signs. Co-Star creates only one chart. Astrosage, in contrast, can create many Vedic charts when you enter your birth date, time, place where you were born in the “Lal Kitab” horoscope form of this application.

Similar astrology/horoscope applications:

Astrology and HoroscopeAndroidiOS [Similar]

The applications I’ve shared above are the best horoscope apps for iPhone, cellular iPad, and Android. Use each of them to find out which app has predictions that make sense or are somewhat correct.

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