Best Quran apps for Android and iPhone

Holy Quran is a magical and divine book. Reading it every day ensures that the mind is fresh and free of negative thoughts. You can get rid of depression, loneliness, sadness, by reading this book. The holy Quran helps in making us a better person. People read it to understand the reason for their permanence.

The book educates a person about religion, the importance of humanity, brotherhood, etc. It is a must-have book for spiritual people and one of the most important books for the Muslim community.

Millions of Muslims read the verses of the Holy Quran every day. They visit the Mosque for the same. People who cannot visit Mosque go through Quran at their home or listen to it on television, radio, etc.

If you want to come closer to God, you must read the Quran every day. As the Quran is a holy book, you should keep it in a clean place. You must not carry the book everywhere.

Sometimes, you may have to travel to another city for office or business related work. For example, an IT company in Hyderabad offered a high-profile job to Muhammad. Muhamad will move to the new city to pursue his career. His father inherited the Holy Quran from his grandfather.

The family has only one copy of the Quran. Muhammad can’t carry the book along with him because other members of the family read scripts from it every day. MHD is smart. Being a smartphone user, he knows that the Android and iTunes app store have tons of Quran apps. Instead of buying or borrowing Quran, MHD downloads the best Quran app on his Android device or iPhone.

If you are in a similar situation, you don’t have to spend time searching for the top iPhone or Android Quran app because we have shortlisted them for you.

Benefits of using an app:

  • You can go through your favorite verses any time.
  • You can carry your phone/tablet everywhere without worrying about the book.

Best Quran apps for Android and iPhone

Holy Quran

Holy quran app for Android 2019

FanzTech’s Quran app provides excellent features and user experience free of cost. It supports¬†full-screen mode. The app uses a special Nastaliq font to make readability easier when the user enables this mode.

This application lets users bookmark their favorite verses. It offers thirty sections of Juz index and 114 chapters of Surah index. Sometimes, you may switch to some other work while reading the Holy Quran. To make sure that you don’t have to search for the line you read before switching to another app/work, the app offers continue reading feature.

This free app includes special effects to make reading the Quran on mobile devices a joyful experience. It doesn’t make users download new chapters. Once you download the app, you can use go through the chapters unlimited times in an offline mode.

The app’s size is around 59 megabytes and it has 1+ Million users.

Download on Android

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Quran for Android

best quran apps for Android

Launched by one of the most widely visited sites, Quran for Android provides night mode feature. When you turn on this mode after the sunset, reading verses becomes easier. The application has intuitive UI. It makes use of powerful Android functions to make navigation easier.

The app includes a search utility with which you can find a verse containing specific text. It lets you listen to the Quran for free. Hence, if your eyes are hurting or if you’re having a headache, you can activate the listen mode. This application supports translation to 20 twenty different languages. It is continuously in development. Hence, don’t be surprised if you find new features in this beautiful Android Quran app after an update.

Download on Android

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iQuran Lite

iQuran lite - best quran apps for Android and iPhone

iQuran displays Arabic scripts of Quran along with its English Translation. It lets users listen to the recordings of the Holy Quran. To provide a great listening experience, iQuran provides various sound controls. The app offers the following utilities:

  • Tags, Bookmarks, search.
  • And many other useful controls.

iQruan Lite supports landscape mode for better readability. Its size is 16 megabytes. It supports the following versions of the Android operating system:

  • Android Froyo, GingerBread.
  • Jelly Bean, Lollipop, Marshmallow, etc.

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Al-Quran has the same number of users as the above applications. It is a lightweight app that doesn’t have ads. The app occupies 5 to 7 megabytes storage memory. It features an index so that you can quickly go through your favorite chapters. ALQ lets you bookmark verses.

If you’re not in a mood to strain your eyes, you can hear the Holy scripts in Al-Quran. The app provides a search utility and has buttons to open the next/previous verse. It includes an option to adjust the font size.

The app supports offline reading. Hence, it will work even when your phone is not connected to the internet. Al-Quran enables you to remove its background wallpaper. The app allows users to set up alarms and it ships with 10+ color themes. ALQ is fast and easy to use.

Download from Play Store

Conclusion: If you’re a frequent traveler who loves reciting Quran, make sure that you download the apps which I’ve mentioned above.