Best Bible Apps for Android and iPhone

Bible is a sacred book for Christians and one of the must-read books for the people interested in getting information about life, God, humanity, the reason for our existence, etc. According to some researchers, 39 to 40 experts have written the scripts of the Bible over 1000 years.

Every script in the Bible is meaningful. Hence, it is a good practice to read the Bible once in a day or week. If we do so, we come closer to God.

Bible motivates a person and keeps him/her interested in religion. Many people have become successful after getting inspiration and knowledge from the Holy Bible. Bible keeps us calm, focused and motivated at times of depression, angriness, anxiousness, fear, etc. The book gives numerous life messages. It is the ultimate guide for leading a better life.

Unfortunately, as the book is holy, we cannot carry it everywhere we go. The best Operating Systems i.e. Android and iOS are user-friendly and they have a high volume of storage memory. Hence, you can store as many books as you want.

As Bible is one of the most read books to date, it is apparent that many developers have published Bible apps on the IOS and the Google Play Store.

Today, we have covered the best apps for reading the Bible on iPhone or Android tablet/phone. Hence, you don’t have to explore the app stores to find the best applications.

Best free Bible apps for Android and IOS

YouVersion Bible by LifeChurch

lifechurch best Bible apps 2016

With over 50 million downloads on Android and IOS devices, YouVersion Bible is the best app on this list. Once you install YouVersion from the iTunes or Google Play Store and run it, the app will display an option to select a language, signup for a new account or log into the existing YouVersion profile.

If you haven’t used YVB before, make sure that you select your preferred language before registering a new account. LifeChurch YouVersion Bible supports over 60 languages. It lets users sign up with their social network profiles i.e. Google, FB profiles.

Registration is easy. Once the application confirms your email address, it will ask you to select a profile picture. You can skip this option if you want. LifeChurch YouVersion Bible then prompts you to use the friend finder module to search for friends using the app.

Once you log into YVB, you’ll see the option of downloading the offline version of YouVersion. If you don’t want to login to the app for reading verses, download and use the app’s offline variant.

LifeChurch Bible displays the verse of the day on its main interface. It lets you translate the script in regional languages. It features a read mode feature that works great. The interface opens a Bible verse in a full-screen view and presents options to read the verse aloud, change text size/font, search for a specific stanza.

LifeChurch Bible for Android and iPhone features a bookmarker, highlighter, badges, notes, images, events module. It lets you discover new religious content published by experts. The application is user-friendly and lightweight. It adds two new beautiful Bible widgets to your phone. It is the most downloaded Bible app. LBA is superb because you can listen to the Bible on your phone or tablet with it.

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King James Bible (KJV)

King James Bible

KJV will send you daily verses if you enable the “Allow display over other apps” permission for it. If you don’t want to see the verses, you can tap the “Skip” button.

KJV has a website like interface. The verses and prayers are displayed on a page like interface. To scroll down the page, you should swipe down the screen.

The daily verse is displayed in the “Verse” tab of the application and the lesson of the day is shown in the “Devotion” tab.

To go through the entire Bible or to find your favorite chapter, tap the “Bible” option displayed on the KJB’s bottom menu. KJV has dedicated buttons to change chapters. The button to open the previous chapter is present at the left side and the button to open the next chapter is displayed on the right side. In addition to these two buttons, you’ll also find a button to make the app read aloud the Bible’s chapter for you.

King James Bible provides advanced filters and Bible index. To see the filters/index, you should tap the downwards pointing arrow displayed on KJV’s menubar. KJV lets you change the size of the text. It lets you see the meaning of words, highlight texts, create notes, bookmark chapters, etc.

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Bible for Kids

best Bible app for Kids

No matter how long or short the paragraph/story is, kids don’t like to read. LifeChurch has designed this app keeping this thing in the mind. Unlike the above application, BFK offers beautiful animations that demonstrate various verses of the Bible. The animation is interactive. Kids can touch the screen to pause/play it.

The app is kid-friendly. Its interface is immaculate. Hence, navigating to chapters/verses in BFK is easy. Apart from religious stories, BFK allows kids to learn new activities and facts. BFK has a rewards module. If your kids complete a special task put forward to them, YouVersion will reward them with points.

Once your kid runs BFK, he’ll/she’ll see an animated map that features clouds, trees, animals, huts, mountains, fields, pyramids, along with several large circles. The kid must tap on the circle to start the animation. Each circle gives kids access to a different story. The user must download stories before he/she plays them.

YouVersion/LifeChruch Bible for Kids is 5 times larger than the application mentioned above. BOK has a settings panel to turn off the narration, background, music, change the default language, and manage stories.

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Conclusion: The Play Store and iTunes gives you access to several bible apps, but the best ones are the apps released by YouVersion/LifeChurch. It is better to keep a complete app rather than installing two or three apps for getting information on a particular subject.

If you want to study Bible stories/verses on a mobile device, download YouVersion. If you want your kids to get Bible knowledge interactively, app #3 is perfect for him/her.