5 Best cab booking apps like Uber

Ever since Uber, the ride-sharing and cab booking app, surfaced on the Google Play Store, several companies followed suit and launched their Uber-like apps on the Play Store and iTunes. These applications have a similar fare as Uber. They also provide a good experience. Frankly speaking, Uber isn’t a bad app. But as its several competitors exist in the markets, people love to check the cost of traveling from one location to another before booking a ride on Uber. People do so to save money. Google Play Store and iTunes have a listing of over 100 ride-sharing and taxi booking apps. The top Uber alternatives among the lot are as follows:

Best cab booking apps like Uber


lyft app

Lyft is one of the top competitors of Uber in the United States. To make sure that the passengers don’t get hurt by rash driving, robbed, or molested, LYFT hires drivers only after testing their driving skills. The company also checks the background of employees. Lyft allows you to rate the car driver. Hence, you can easily find a driver with the highest ratings and quickly get in touch with them. Lyft lets users share the cab with other passengers. Once a new passenger gets on board the car, you can split the charges. LYFT, the Uber alternative app, has an easy-to-use interface. As over a million people use it every day, it is possible to find a taxi quickly and travel cheaply. The app supports over 199 US cities. It lets you schedule rides.

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blablacar -  best taxi apps

BlaBlaCar is one of the largest ride-sharing services in the world. It has a presence in up to 25 countries. It was founded in 2006 and has 24.9 million users. People use BlaBlaCar to travel from one city to another. The great thing about this platform is that it allows passengers traveling to the same destination to share the Taxi. Hence, traveling to a distant location gets cheaper. Thus, BlaBlaCar is an excellent alternative to trains and buses. BlaBlaCar enables users to check the profiles of the drivers. It doesn’t let drivers register an account unless they submit their government-issued ID. This app like Uber provides messaging feature so that you can quickly get in touch with fellow passengers or your driver. It is available in many European and Asian countries. E.g. United Kingdom, France, etc.

Ola Cabs

ola cabs - best ride sharing apps

If you’re traveling to India, Australia, New Zealand, UK, make sure that you install Ola on your mobile phone to travel from one place to another. Ola is one of the best taxi and ride-sharing apps. It is ideal for short as well as long journeys. Ola Cabs bought TaxiForSure in 2015 and became the most dominant player in the taxi sharing industry. It lets users find drivers in over 95 cities and has a fleet of over 250K drivers. Once you install Ola Cabs and book a taxi with it, you can see your taxi’s location in real-time. Ola supports mobile wallet payment. It lets users book four types of taxis. Hence, you can choose a taxi that fits your budget.

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grabtaxi - apps like Uber

GrabTaxi is one of the major players in South East Asia. It features a massive listing of 75K drivers and has a user base of up to 4 million. GrabTaxi, the app like Uber, allows you to book cheap or premium/luxury cabs. To ensure the safety of its passengers, GT verifies the driver’s identity before taking them on board as drivers. It also lets you track the current location of the taxi in real-time. GrabTaxi offers its online taxi booking service in the following countries:

  • Indonesia, Philipines, Vietnam.
  • Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, etc.

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inDriver operates in over 399 cities. Unlike other ride-sharing or taxi booking services that have a fixed rate for each kilometer you travel, you can set your price and negotiate the same with the inDriver drivers. This cab booking app enables you to go through the previous trips and check the location of a taxi in real-time. It lets users store their credit or debit card details securely. inDriver lets travelers see the details of the driver and his vehicle. It has the option to share your live location with friends on social networking services or via text messages. inDriver was launched in 2013. It is growing in popularity each day.

Final thoughts: The 5 applications I have shared above are the most used and most liked cab booking apps. Use them and cut down expenses while traveling.

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