Crono: Pushbullet alternative app

When you’re at work, your boss/company may not allow you to use the phone during work hours. To be updated with the latest notifications on the phone without touching it, you can use Crono.

Crono is a new app. It supports Android, IOS devices and Blink engine/Chromium-based browsers such as Brave, Vivaldi, Google Chrome, etc.

Is Crono a good alternative to Pushbullet? Should you replace the notification mirroring application on your phone with it? Here’s our unbiased review of the Crono app.

Getting started

To get started with Crono, you should install its mobile app and run it. When you do so, the app displays the following six tasks/options on the screen:

  • Enable notification access.
  • Sync with the calendar.
  • Connect to Crono web.
  • Sync only on WiFi.
  • Select apps.

In the first task, you must grant the Notification access permission to the app. In the 2nd task, you must let Crono sync the data of the default calendar application on your phone with the PC. To complete the 3rd task, you must install the Crono extension. The extension is available for download on the Chrome Webstore.

Configuring the extension

Once the browser installs the extension, it will open the extension’s setup page. This page displays a QR code. You must scan this code with the Crono app. When Crono verifies the code, it will prompt you to enter the browser name and choose the apps for which you want to see the notifications on the desktop.

Crono finds the apps you’ve installed on your phone and displays them in a list. Besides the app name, the CR displays a toggle option to select/deselect the app. Be default, all apps are selected. Fortunately, Crono provides an option to bulk select/deselect the applications. You can tap the “Disable All” option and choose the apps of your choice.

Crono syncs the list of apps to the desktop. It also lets you disable/enable notifications for the apps from the desktop.



Crono’s core/most important feature is its ability to mirror Android notifications to PC. Once the app identifies a notification on your phone, it will display the same notification on the desktop. The app supports various types of notifications. It also lets you discard incoming calls, reply to messages, etc.

Sync on WiFi

Although the app displays notifications only, if you’re using a limited internet plan, you can enable this option to save mobile data.

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Clipboard sharing

Crono can sync desktop clipboard to the phone and vice versa. When you connect your mobile device with the computer, the app adds a new context menu entry of the following format:

“Copy to your device name Clipboard”

When you select a paragraph or sentence displayed on a web page, click the right button of the mouse, and choose this option, the app will copy the selected text to the phone’s clipboard.

Can you share the phone’s clipboard with the desktop?

Yes, the app displays the phone’s clipboard content in its browser interface.

Sync with Calendar

The calendar apps do a great job in reminding people to complete a task, attend an event, etc. These apps send a reminder email. They may also display a notification on your phone. If you want to see the calendar notification on your PC, use this feature.

File sharing

Crono enables you to share files of various formats with the connected devices. It supports files of size up to 25 megabytes.

Ring device

If your mobile phone or tablet is not in front of you or you forgot where you’ve placed it, use this feature of Crono to locate it.

Send current tab to device

If your laptop or computer is on battery power and you’re browsing the web, you can use this option of the app to sync the current tab with your mobile. When you tap this option, Crono will open the URL you’ve currently opened in your desktop browser on the phone’s browser.

Paste clipboard to device

This option of Crono copies the full clipboard of the PC to the Android phone’s clipboard.



Good user experience: Setting up Crono on a mobile device and desktop takes a few minutes. This is because the app supports QR code. It also lets you log in with a Google or Facebook account. The app allows you to disable/enable notification mirroring for certain apps.

Lightweight: The size of the Crono app is 4.6 megabytes.


The send file option of the app doesn’t show success/failure message when you choose a file.

When you disable the internet on your mobile device, the extension doesn’t hide outdated information. For example, the battery status value doesn’t change nor does the extension displays a message that the phone isn’t connected to the internet.

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Crono is a good alternative to Pushbullet and other similar notification mirroring apps. Although the app has some bugs, it is worth trying out.