FishBrain: Fishing map, log and forecast app

Fishing is a great outdoor activity but it is not as easy as it may sound. You can’t simply go to a lake or a river hoping to capture a large fish without research. For example, one of your friends hears a rumor of a person spotting the world’s most expensive fish, Platinum Arowana in a nearby pond. He shares the story with you. Out of excitement, you decide to capture the fish and sell it for 100K USD.

You take your gear to the pond mentioned by your friend and spend your entire day on a boat without catching a fish. Unless a beautiful forest surrounds the pond or if the pond is located in a scenic location, you’ll be frustrated.

To increase the chances of finding a fish, you should use an app that displays the fishing locations on a map. One of the best apps for this task is FishBrain.

FishBrain is one of the most popular fishing apps. It has 5.5+ million users. The app consumes 99.14 megabytes of storage memory and it requires account registration. You can also log in to FishBrain with your Google or Facebook account.

User Interface

FishBrain has a tabbed interface. It boasts the following five tabs at the bottom of the phone’s screen:

  • Feed, Map.
  • Plus icon, Profile.
  • Notifications.


The feed interface of FishBrain is divided into four parts – Following, Popular, Discover, Messages. The Following section displays fishing videos and tips shared by expert anglers. It also displays discussions which you can be a part of and a list of profiles you can follow.

The Popular section displays a list of popular videos on FishBrain. The app allows you to comment on videos. You can also like videos in the FishBrain application. The Discover section displays five filters – For You, Latest, Brands, Videos. If you select the “For You” filter, FishBrain will display images of fishes and anglers along with the fish they’ve captured. If you want to limit the pictures to your country, tap the “Latest in” filter.

The Feed interface lets users create and share a new video story. It also allows you to find and follow other users of the app.


If your mobile device is connected to WiFi or a mobile device, FishBrain will highlight the fishing spots on a map. The map also displays the favorite locations of the anglers. If you want the app to highlight only the locations in or near your country/state, you should enable the Location Service on your phone.

To see the details of the highlighted area, tap the waves/boat icon. When you do so, FishBrain will open a panel that has the following options:

Directions: If you choose this option, FishBrain will display the direction to the fishing location from your current location on the Google Map.

Fish species: With this option, you can see the species of the fishes you’ll find at the chosen location.

Leaderboard: This interface shows a list of users that have captured a fish at the location you’ve chosen. The person who has captured the heaviest fish tops the leaderboard.

Fishing Forecast: If you tap this option, FisbBrain displays the detailed weather forecast of the location you’ve selected.

Other options that you’ll find in the panel are Follow, Share, Catches, Catch Positions, Top Baits. The Catch Positions and Top Baits are premium features.

If you scroll down the panel, you’ll find images shared by users that have visited the place for fishing.

Plus icon

If you tap this icon, you’ll see two options on your screen – Log catch and Add Post. To create a new post, you must enter a post title, description, fishing location, and upload photo/video of the fish. To Log a catch, you should upload the picture of the fish and enter its name.

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The Profile interface allows you to set a profile picture. This interface displays the number of catches you’ve logged, the number of people you follow, and the number of users following you. It also allows you to see your position on the FishBrain leaderboard and add the fishing gear you’re currently using to the profile.

FishBrain lets you invite friends. To create an invitation link, tap the “Invite Friends” option. You have to share the link displayed on the screen with your friends. Once your friend opens the link and creates his/her Fishbrain account, the app will add him/her to the list of your followers.


The search function is the most impressive feature of the FishBrain app. It lets you find new anglers and discover new fish species/locations/videos by keywords.

Using this tool

Tap the search option. You’ll now see a text box on your screen. Enter the name of the fish in text box. For example, if you want to catch the Greenland Shark, you should enter “Greenland Shark” in the search box.

Benefits of the search tool

The search tool not only helps users but it also inspires you by showing images/videos of anglers capturing the fish you’ve failed to catch.

If you’re planning a vacation near a river or you are staying near a river, you can find the species of fishes in the river with this tool.

If you know the name of a fish and want to capture it, you can find the places nearby you where you can find the fish.

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Evidence: When users log their catch, the app tags the image with the location. Thus, if you want to see the evidence of fishes at the locations highlighted by the map, you can see the images.

Many features: FishBrain makes the life of anglers easy by providing several features.


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  • Features
  • UI


FishBrain, at first glance seems to be a simple app but if use the app for a while, you’ll find it interesting and worth using.