Khan Academy Kids App review

Although YouTube has a powerful recommendation engine, it might display videos unrelated to the one it is currently playing. Hence, a kid might play another video while watching something educational. Most interactive educational apps on the Play Store and iTunes have ads or in-app purchases.

Khan Academy, a nonprofit organization, has launched a new educational app called “Khan Academy Kids” on the Play Store and iTunes. The new app is targeted towards toddlers aged between 2 to 5. It teaches kids numbers, alphabets, etc with cute animations and videos. Is Khan Academy Kids a perfect replacement for 100s of educational applications on the Google Play Store? Here’s our honest review of the new educational app:

Khan Academy Kids review

The size of the Khan Academy Kids application is 65 megabytes. The app runs in landscape mode by default. You can’t use it in portrait mode. Once you install and run KA, you’ll be prompted to enter an email address.

Enter the email ID and tap the submit button. Khan Academy Kids will now send a verification link to your inbox. You must verify your email address to use it. Once your address is confirmed, the app will ask you to select the age of your kid and an avatar image. It will also request you to enter their name. Once you enter a name and select an avatar, hand over the phone to your kid.

Khan Academy Kids app


The app has two sections – kids and parents. In the parent’s section, you’ll find an option to add a new account, change the kid’s name, age, avatar, and delete an existing account. It also displays details about the Khan Academy organization.

The Kids section of the Khan Academy application gives toddlers access to informative stories, videos, and books that will teach them alphabets, words, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication of numbers, etc. It also has puzzles that will build the logic skills of your child. The educational content and animations are provided by National Geographic, BellWether, and Super Simple Songs.

The Khan Academy Kids app features a white canvas utility to draw different objects, shapes, insert characters, etc. Apart from the white canvas, KA offers over 10+ colorful canvases that toddlers can modify.

The home interface of the KA Kids application displays the lessons your toddler has taken. It also enables you to disable/enable the background music.

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KA kids library app

Although Khan Academy Kids is a great application, it doesn’t have an option to quit the app. If your handset has a dedicated back button, press it twice to close the app. If your phone doesn’t have the back button, swipe your finger up on the right side of the screen (starting from the edge) and tap the back button twice.

What does Khan Academy teach?

  • Counting, basic math, manners.
  • Recognizing objects, shapes, colors alphabets.
  • Writing and reading numbers, letters.
  • Rhymes, the pronunciation of letters, words, etc.


  • Cute animations.
  • Free educational content.
  • No ads


  • None.

Final thoughts

Khan Academy Kids is the best free educational application for toddlers. It provides free access to over 100 interactive lessons. It doesn’t have in-app purchases and advertisements.

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