Best Android puzzle games

Brain teasers and puzzles are some of the hottest categories of games on the Google Play Store. If played regularly, brain teasers can improve your problem-solving skills. The puzzle games don’t have intriguing graphics or animations. Nevertheless, they are enjoyable. The games feature a leaderboard that reflects your latest scores. Once you’ve scored some points, you’ll try to get a better score the next time you play the game. Below, I’ve shared the list of top Android puzzle games on the Google Play Store:

Best puzzle games for Android

Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is a challenging game that requires users to create shapes from arcs and lines displayed on the screen. Once you build a shape, the game will load a new set of lines and arcs. IL features two game modes. You must build a shape from the geometric structures in the loop mode. In dark mode, you must destroy the structure. IL enables you to create new puzzles. It includes a leaderboard system. IL plays nice background music when you’re playing it. If you don’t like the music, you can disable it.

Download Infinity Loop

Can you escape

Can You Escape

In Can You Escape, the user must unlock hidden puzzles to escape from the tower, house, or building. The tower or building has many rooms and various objects. The clue to break out from the room is located under or inside the object. In some rooms, you’ll find a clue hidden behind a loose brick in the wall. Once you escape the room, you’ll be locked inside another room. CYE has nice graphics. It is free and gets updated with new puzzles and challenges often.

Download Can You Escape


2048 game

2048 might be an old game, but it is still considered one of the best Android puzzle games ever. In 2048, you’ll see a 3 x 3 matrix on the screen. Each cell of the matrix has a number. You must join adjacent matrices to form the number 2048. Users can play 2048 in multiplayer mode. In addition, 2048 offers 3 challenging modes. This game has excellent sound effects and a leaderboard system where you’ll find the list of top scorers. It supports the night mode and has the option to share the score with friends. 2048 has a simple interface, and it runs on Android 2.2+ devices.

Download 2048

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Flow game - best android puzzle game

Flow is one of the most popular puzzle games for Android devices. In this game, users must join the dots displayed in the cells of a matrix in the least possible moves. The join should be direct. Flow has four free color themes. Users can play it in time trial mode. They can choose a board/matrix size. Flow packs several levels. It enables you to share the game progress with other users. Its integration with the Google Play Services leaderboard makes this game more competitive.

Download Flow

 Roll The Ball

Roll The Ball

Roll The Ball is a puzzle game with an interesting concept. In RTB, you’ll see a box with several wooden tiles. As you can see in the above picture, the first title in the package contains a ball. Some tiles in the box carry a pipe, and the remaining ones are empty. You must arrange the tiles in such a way that the ball passes through the pipes and reaches the goal. The initial levels of RTB are easy. As you make progress, the game gets challenging. Users can play this game in five modes i.e. multiplayer, star, classic, moving, or rotation. RTB can turn off the sound, notifications, interactive tutorials, heavy animations to conserve battery, etc.

Download Roll the Ball

Block! Hexa Puzzle

Block Hexa Puzzle

Hexa Puzzle is a free puzzle game wherein you must fit the randomly generated shapes in the hexagonal structure displayed on the screen. It includes several levels. It provides free hints to the users for watching advertisement videos. Block Hexa Puzzle enables you to sync your gameplay data with FB. To make sure that the user doesn’t get annoyed with the same UI, BH ships with three color themes. It also allows users to compete with other online players. Block Hexa has excellent graphics.

Download Block! Hexa Puzzle

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Brain it On!

Brain it On - best puzzle games for android

Brain it On is a physics-based Android Puzzle game that asks the user to complete specific tasks within the stipulated time. You’ll see an empty vessel, balls, or glass on the screen in this game. You must draw random objects so as to displace/drop the vessel or place balls in it. The things you draw will fall into the glass, vessel, or the space surrounding them. Although Brain it On is a physics game, changing the phone’s orientation doesn’t affect the objects. BIO has 240 levels.

Download Brain it On!

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Tricky Test

Tricky Test

Tricky Test is a free trivia game that tests your IQ by making you answer a series of questions. In TT, you must solve as many brain teasers as you can. The user will earn a point for each correct answer. The points represent your IQ. If you answer each question correctly, you’re a genius. If your score is low, you can retake the test. Users who can’t answer the current question can see the hint or their solution/answer for free.

Download Tricky Test

Jigsaw Puzzles Real

Jigsaw Puzzles Real

JPR is a puzzle game that generates jigsaw puzzles from 1500+ pictures. To get started with it, you must select the image. Then, you must specify the number of pieces you want JPR to create from the selected image. JPR will now generate the puzzle. You must drag and drop the pieces to build the actual picture. The game saves the photos to the storage memory of your mobile phone. It is free and addictive.

Download JPR

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Matches Puzzle

Matches Puzzle

Yet another top Android Puzzle game, MP displays tasks on the screen. You must complete the task by placing the matchsticks on the marked spaces. Matches Puzzle has 1000+ levels. It works on low-end mobile devices running on the Android OS. It has a leaderboard and personal achievements section.

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Mazes & More

mazes more

If you love Mazes, this Android puzzle game is for you. Mazes & More features 30+ challenges. Only the 1st challenge is unlocked. To unlock a challenge, you must finish the preceding maze challenge. This game features “time trial mode”. To activate this mode, you must solve the 36 mazes. This game shows up to 2 hints during each challenge on demand. In addition to Mazes, this game features Pacman like games. Each game has 36 levels.

Download MP

Brain Out -Can you pass it?

brain out can you pass it

This game shows multiple pictures on the screen and a question. You should answer the question correctly by tapping on the image. For example, while playing this game, Brain Out asked me this question – “choose the tallest one” and showed the clip-arts of sun, giraffe, elephant, dog. To answer the question, I tapped the option “sun”. Like other puzzle games, Brain Out supports hints. If you cannot answer the question, you can skip the question. Brain Out makes its players think. Thus, it is a great game to exercise the brain.

Download Brain Out

The Android puzzle games I’ve mentioned above will exercise your brain and improve your problem-solving skills.

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