7 Best learning apps for Android and iOS

In this era, mobile phones are more popular than computers and books. Mobile phones are easy to carry around. If you’re a student, professor, or an autodidact, you don’t have to buy a 400 or 500-page book from a local market to hone your skills and knowledge. The book author may have published the book online in PDF format. The PDF file will be a replica of the book. If the file doesn’t have graphic content, its size will be about 5 MB.

As smartphones have a large amount of storage memory, you can save 100s of ebooks. If you can’t buy an eBook, download the following learning apps on your mobile device. The educational apps give users access to free courses on various topics. They have practice tests so that you can prepare yourself well for school, university, or any other competitive exam.

Best learning apps for Android and iPhone

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the most popular app for learning math, science, biology, physics, etc. It features over 10K lecture videos compiled by experts in their respective fields. Khan Academy provides practice tests covering 30000+ questions and answers. Hence, it is a great app to prepare for IIT-JEE, SAT, GMAT, MAT entrance exams.

Khan Academy lets you track your learning progress. It rewards users with badges for every course they complete to inspire the users. Khan Academy enables you to bookmark videos for later access. It has a vast collection of high-quality study materials. It provides a search button with advanced filters to find courses online quickly.


Udemy - best educational apps for Android and iOS

Udemy is a free educational app through which you can learn almost everything that can be taught. It lets you follow and rate instructors. You can also ask questions to the experts with Udemy. Account registration is an optional step in Udemy.

The app allows you to go through the toned-down version of the courses for free. To download or unlock the complete course, you must buy it. According to the developer, Udemy has 1100+ courses in PDF and video formats. You can configure this learning app to download courses over mobile data or a WiFi connection.


Lynda learning app

Lynda is yet another excellent learning app for iOS and Android devices. It is a premium learning service introduced by a self-trained professor. When you join the Lynda membership program, you’ll get access to tons of video tutorials. Lynda offers 30 days free trial to the users who want to check the quality of videos and the instructors before becoming a premium member.

Lynda has a massive collection of videos in 13 different categories. The videos will help you in improving your technical, marketing, and business skills. Lynda allows you to create and save a playlist of educational videos. It can automatically play videos in the playlist. It enables you to stream videos to TV with Google Chromecast.

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Coursera - best learning apps for iOS and Android

Coursera is an online learning app for Android and iOS that brings lectures from the world’s top universities to your mobile device. It allows you to see the syllabus of the course you’re enrolled in. It lets you watch video lectures and participate in quiz tests.

Coursera enables users to download lectures, and it has the option to control the video playback speed. Once you finish a course, this application will reward you with a certificate. You can share this certificate with the company HR or your friends to prove that you’re a skilled person. Coursera has free as well as paid 800+ courses.  It lets you take science, technology, programming, arts, and design courses in various languages.


EdX - best learning apps for Android and iOS

EdX covers video lectures provided by experts working at world-renowned universities and organizations. It helps in improving the skills and self-confidence of the users. Once you have taken a course, you can undergo quiz-based tests. EdX allows users to download videos for offline viewing.

This educational app for iOS and Android offers courses in over 100 science topics. You must register a new account or sign in with the FB or Google account to explore the topics. EdX has an interactive user interface. After completing a source, EdX offers a certificate signed by the instructor. You can mention this certificate in the resume. EdX is the smallest application on our list.

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Stepik - best educational apps for Android and iOS

Marketing, education, information technology, etc are the industries wherein the fate of the employees depends on their skills. To survive in the industry, you must improve your skills. Stepik is a learning app for Android and iOS that can hone your professional skills for free. It offers 100s of free courses on topics ranging from English grammar to programming. You must log in to it with your social networking or Google account to use this app. Stepik displays a list of courses when you sign in. Once you choose a course, it shows the course’s brief details, the reviews shared by other users, the time taken to complete the course, etc.

The courses you’ll find in Stepik are compiled/created by expert instructors. Stepik lets you share courses on social networks. It provides a search utility and enables users to comment on the chapters. The application downloads content from a website. Thus, it would be best if you keep the WiFi or mobile data connection on while using Stepik.

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Wikipedia - best learning app

Wikipedia is an excellent app for learning history, geography, political science, economics, chemistry, etc. It gives you access to hundreds of thousands of in-depth articles published or edited by experts. You can translate these articles on the go in 290+ languages. Wikipedia doesn’t have advertisements, nor does it asks you to register an account.

If you want to contribute a new article or make corrections to an existing article, you must create a contributor account with the Wikipedia app. Wikipedia lets you bookmark articles. It has a maps section through which you can get details or read the history of nearby places. It provides a keyboard-based search tool and voice search function.

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When we come across an unusual story or topic, we try to get more details of the story from the internet. When we hear a new word, we use an online or offline dictionary app to look up the word’s meaning. Well, human beings are always curious. Although the brain stops growing at the age of 25, it never stops learning. To feed your hungry brain with knowledge, download and use the best learning apps we’ve mentioned above.

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