Truecaller app: Identify unknown callers, block spammers and more

Truecaller has more users than Hike messenger, Telegram, etc. It is the best application to block spam numbers. What’s really impressive about this application is that it can run in the background and monitor your calls. Truecaller is a reverse phone lookup tool that helps you identify unknown callers. This app maintains a list of missed and incoming calls. Truecaller will get the number’s details from its massive database of 100 million records when a number is not in your contact list. Its APK size is 52 megabytes.

To use Truecaller, you must verify your phone number. Truecaller can either verify your number automatically by calling your phone, or it will send a 6 digit verification code to your phone. To get details of a phone number, activate the data connection, and open the app. If you do so, Truecaller will run its number scanner module. Once the scanning is complete, the app displays the caller’s full name along with their number.

For additional details on the caller, the user should tap on the “I” icon, which can be found beside the name. When you do so, you’ll find a neat UI that displays the below details of the caller:

  • Display picture (DP).
  • Network operator.
  • Location.
  • Call history.
  • Option to add the number to the contact list.
  • Option to block the phone number.

This app doesn’t make you aware of the full location of the caller. It will instead display their state or city. For improving Truecaller, you can tap on the tag option to categorize the user. Truecaller lets users see the profile of the other users. It makes users aware of their profile visitors. Users can configure Truecaller to update the list of top spammers automatically, enable the usage of the extended spammer’s list, etc. In addition to automatically blocking known spammers, Truecaller allows users to block a number manually. The app also allows users to chat with their friends and organize SMSes.

As mentioned earlier, this app has spam blocking functionality. To ensure that the fake callers’ database is always up to the mark, navigate to the block section of Truecaller and tap on the update button. To find a number, you don’t have to go through the YellowPages book, navigate to the search section and enter the person’s name.

Truecaller comes with its own user-friendly phone dialer module. The dialer module has a quick link to open bookmarked/favorite numbers. It displays contacts in an alphabetically sorted list. This caller ID app has a settings section through which you can configure it to alert the caller that you’re busy. It has the option to make the profile public or private, download profile images of other users automatically, enable/disable notifications for incoming and missed calls, etc.

With the Truecaller app settings interface, users can enable the speed dial module/feature or change the app’s default language. Users can configure caller ID to show unknown callers. This app allows you to switch from the default blue to the black theme. In India, the latest edition of Truecaller enables users to make payments via UPI and apply for loans.

Download Links: Android, iPhone

As you can see above, the Truecaller app comes with many useful modules/functions. It is one of the best apps on the Play Store. Thus, you should have it on your phone or voice-calling tablets. Is there a limitation? Well, Truecaller is a great app; however, it may display the wrong name if the user’s SIM card was not being used for several months and the telecom operator sold the SIM with the expired number to another user who doesn’t use Truecaller.

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