Best snake games for Android and iOS

The Snake game is one of the simplest and most popular games built to date. The game was first launched in 1997, and it came pre-installed in the cheap Nokia phone – Nokia 6110. Even though the most affordable Nokia phones that shipped with the Snake game didn’t have a color display or fancy graphics, the game was fun to play. Modern snake games have nice graphics. They also have moving objects instead of stationary things. This makes the game more interesting and challenging.

Many companies and developers have launched their version of the snake game on iTunes and the Play Store. Here are the eight great snake games that I think are better than the rest:

Best snake games for iPhone, iOS, and Android


Snake IO

SnakeIO is one of the most downloaded and played snake games. When you download and run it, you’ll be prompted to enter the player name. The game will start when you set the player’s name and tap the play button. You will find two control buttons on the screen – one to change direction and another to boost the speed. You’ll also find fruits scattered at random places. The reptile’s length increases each time it comes in contact with the fruits.

When your snake hits another snake, the game will end, and you will see your score and the time you’ve taken to obtain this score on the screen. Each time you collect a fruit, your points will increase, and the app will unlock new skins. The game supports left/right-hand controls. It lets you change the UI language and allows you to see the game’s highest scorers. SnakeIO’s size is 35 megabytes.

Worm Zone

Worms Zone

Worm Zone is a larger game compared to SnakeIO. Its size is around 70 megabytes. The reason why WZ is large is that it has good graphics and some unique customization options. For example, you can change Worm Zone’s background texture/image. You can also disable or enable overlay and game sounds. WZ lets users change the worm’s face and skin. It also allows users to create their skin with a few button taps. You can also change food in the Worm Zone game.

Users can play Worm Zone in one of these two modes – Infinity and Time. If you play in Time Mode, you must earn X points within the time specified by the game. Infinite mode is similar to Time mode, but there’s no time limit in this game. You can play Worm Zone for as long as you want. According to the developers, you can earn more points by playing in the time mode.


SnakeIs is a nice alternative to the above games. It is an online snake game with good graphics and smooth gameplay. SnakeIs can display the controls on the screen. It also lets users control the snake’s movement by tapping on the screen. The game vibrates the phone when the reptile comes in contact with things. You can disable the vibration from the game’s settings interface. The game ships with many beautiful skins. Only 2 skins are unlocked. You must earn points to unlock locked skins.

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Google snake game

Google Snake game

Google lets you play the snake game without installing any app. Type “play snake game” in the browser’s address bar and tap the enter key to run the game. Google will now display the game’s start screen. Tap the play button shown on the screen and use the fingers to move the snake left, top, right, or bottom. The game shows a fruit at a random position in an area enclosed by the wall. The fruits can also appear near the border. If the snake hits the wall, the game will be over. Your objective is to grow the snake as long as possible by making it consume fruits.

Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake

LBS is larger than other games I’ve covered here. Its size is 100+ megabytes. You can play LBS solo or with friends. In LBS, your snake is surrounded by larger snakes. As in the above games, you should dodge other reptiles and earn as many points as possible. When you earn X points, the game will unlock a new level. LBS features autopilot mode. When this mode is on, you can enjoy the game as a spectator. LBS is the only game on this list that asks you to log in.

Snake Arena

Snake Arena

This game has cute graphics, and the reptile crawls on a lovely island that features lambs, other snakes, etc. Instead of ending the game instantly, Snake Arena changes the snake’s path when it hits the water. Every moving thing that touches a fruit will grow horizontally. The game features daily tasks. The task is nothing but a challenge. If you complete a challenge, you will get bonus points. Like the above game, SA features multiple levels. The levels are locked. Play Snake Arena and collect points to unlock them.

Snake vs Blocks

Snake vs Blocks

In SB, each time the reptile hits a block, its length will reduce. The blocks show a number. The reptile’s length will decrease by the number displayed on the block. For example, if the snake’s length is 38 and the block shows the number 36, the snake’s length will reduce to 2 from 38. If the number on the block is greater than the snake’s length, the game will end. SVB has multiple levels. It is different from other snake games I’ve shared above.

Anaconda Snake Simulator

Anaconda Snake Simulator

As the name suggests, AS is a simulation game wherein you control the biggest snake in the world – anaconda. Anaconda in this game can hunt animals and explore the territory. AS features two modes. You can play it in one of these two modes – critter and wild. No matter what mode you choose, you must complete the objective to proceed further in the game. Kids will like this game more than adults.

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