8 Best prank apps for Android

People try different things to bring a smile to their friend’s faces. Some people have a great sense of humor, and others employ pranks to make people laugh. Before the smartphone revolution, people used objects to prank someone. These days, Android developers launch prank apps that use the phone’s processor and GPU to show realistic animation on the screen. The animation may scare a person or make him tense. These applications are meant just for fun. If you’re searching for such applications, go through the following paragraphs:

Best Android prank apps

Exploding Time Bomb

exploding bomb - best prank apps

ETB converts your mobile phone into a fake time bomb. It shows a time bomb and a button to activate its timer. You have to tap on the timer button to activate the bomb. Once the timer stops counting, ETB plays an exploding bomb animation and adds a broken glass effect to your handset. The Exploding Time Bomb animation displayed by the phone is realistic.

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Spider Filter Prank

Spider Filter Prank App

Many of us freak out on seeing a spider in our room or on our stuff/body. Spider is one of the weirdest insects on our planet. If you want to play a spider prank, download this application on your mobile. The app has a realistic spider walking animation. It is 6 megabytes large and works on all versions of Android. SFP will display an animated spider on the screen when you start it. You have to run this application and then open the camera application to prank your friend. Make sure that you open the front camera. Now, hand over the phone to your friend.

Download Spider Filter

Broken Screen

broken screen best prank apps

BS supports four cracked glass effects and plays the breaking glass sound when you turn on the effect. You can configure this prank app to activate the broken glass effect when the user touches the screen or shakes the device. BS offers realistic effects. It is free (like the above applications).

Download Broken screen

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JokesPhone prank apps

JokesPhone is one of the best prank apps for making joke prank calls. Before making a call, this application allows you to listen to a funny conversation between two people. Its interface has three tabs – Prank List, Examples, and My Calls. JP shows a list of the prank call scenarios and displays two buttons beside them in the Examples interface. Tap on the play button to listen to the joke. Once you find a funny joke, open the Prank List interface and tap the joke you want to send. Now, enter the person’s phone number to whom you want to call and tap the red button. The app supports free calls. It is easy to use.

Download Prankster

Prank Calls Free is an excellent alternative to the above applications. It displays a list of voice pranks on the interface. You must select an item from the list, and then choose a phone number. When the app makes a call, put the phone on speaker and enjoy the funny conversation. PCF rewards users with free credits for making calls. It supports multiple languages and landline/mobile phone numbers. The pranks you’ll find in PCF are compiled by successful voice artists.

Download PCF

Loudest Air Horn

Loudest Air Horn

Air Horns can be annoying or scary. If you blow it near a busy person or a person talking with someone, the person will be shocked. LAH is a 10 megabytes application that ships with various horn sounds. To make the phone play the horn sound, you should tap on the icons displayed at the bottom of the screen. LAH displays the number of times you’ve blown the horn. The sound of the horn depends on the volume of the phone.

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Ants on Screen

Ants On Screen Prank app for Android

If your wife, husband, or sibling is afraid of ants and you’re looking forward to playing a prank on them, download this app. You can configure AOS to show ants crawling animation on your phone’s screen after a specific time interval. AOS can show ants on the screen immediately when you tap the button it displays on the notification bar.

Download Ants on Screen

Snake in Hand

Snake In Hand Prank App

Snake in Hand Joke is an excellent alternative to the above Android prank apps. Instead of ants, it shows a snake. The app also plays a scary sound of a snake hissing.

Download Snake in hand

Fake Money scanner

fake money scanner prank app

Fake Money Scanner is an Android application that uses the phone’s camera to simulate a money scanner machine. If you place a currency note in front of the back camera and tap on the start button shown on the interface of the app, you’ll see one of the following two results:

  • Fake.
  • Original.

The app features a nice scanning animation. It saves a picture of the currency note on your phone.

Closing words: In a prank, one person’s insult is humor for 100s or 1000s of people. Have you seen YouTube prank videos? If yes, you may know that prank videos are always trending on the video streaming site. This proves everyone loves pranks. Guys, you don’t have to spend hours thinking about the best pranks to do at home or on friends, siblings. Just download the apps I’ve shared in this article and use them. I hope you are not waiting for April fools day. Your friends or siblings may be aware that you’ll play a prank on them on the 1st of April. Your plan to fool them will not be effective. Hence, download the apps from the above list and start pranking straightaway.

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