DU Caller review: Powerful Caller ID app like Truecaller

DU Studio, the firm behind several popular applications on the Google Play Store, had launched its first-ever caller ID app, the DU Caller, this year. If you’re searching for a good all-in-one tool to block marketing calls and find details of unknown numbers, you should try out this application. The app is very similar to the world’s most popular reverse phone lookup app i.e. Truecaller. Below, we’ve shared its review.

DU Caller review

DU Caller id app like truecaller

DUC is available on the Play Store. It is a small app sized below 7 megabytes. DUC reads your contact list so that it doesn’t mark a known phone number as fake. Du Caller has a neat user interface. Its main UI boasts the below three tabs:

1) Recent: Here, you’ll see a list of phone numbers from your phone call history. The app identifies suspicious numbers and marks them as suspected spam. You can either block the number or save it to your contact list. DU Caller also enables you to tag phone numbers. It allows you to get details of the number or the caller through Google.

2) Search: With this interface, you can easily find details of any person or number. To use this feature, users must enter the number or the name in the text box. Du Caller owns a massive database of phone numbers. Hence, the details the app displays are correct.

3) Block: If you get plenty of telemarketing calls, you should enable DU Caller’s fake call blocker function.

Once this feature is enabled, DU Caller runs in the background and automatically discards calls from numbers that are on the DU blacklist. The blacklist is provided by the app developers. It is updated regularly. As of today, the list has over 200k phone numbers. You can configure the app to block international numbers, common spammers, numbers not in your contact list, and the numbers which are hidden by the telecom operator.

Other features

Life Assistant: With this feature, you can find phone numbers that other users of this app are frequently dialing. It is a mini telephone directory.

Life Assistant interface shows numbers of major e-commerce portals, telecom operators, travel firms, emergency numbers, healthcare centers, banks, etc. Users can access this feature from the app’s menu.

Private Contacts: This is a special feature of DUC. If you enable it, the app hides the details of specific numbers from appearing in the call history.

Contribution: If you receive a fake or telemarketing call and the app doesn’t block it, you can report the number to the DU Caller team through this interface.

Call recorder and languages: DUC lets you record your conversation with a stranger, friend, or any other person. It supports 20 languages.

That’s all, folks!


DU Caller is an excellent alternative to Truecaller. It is a tiny application with loads of cool features. The app functions as a powerful reverse number lookup tool. It efficiently blocks calls from unknown people, spammers, marketing professionals, etc.

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