Hiya review: A caller ID app with call screener tool

Launched in 2016, Hiya is a free caller ID application with 3+ million users and an impressive rating of 4.5+. The app has analyzed over 13 billion calls to date. It supports 196 countries. The company that has developed Hiya has partnered with over 100 major telecom service providers across the world to provide accurate phone number lookup and caller ID service.

Is the three-year-old Hiya app an alternative to the 10-year-old Truecaller application? Is it effective in blocking spam calls? Here’s my honest review of the Hiya app:

Getting started

The Hiya app’s size is 13.4 megabytes. It asks first time users to accept terms and conditions. The application also prompts users to make it as a “default phone app” and grant “draw over other apps” permission. Once you grant this permission, the app takes 20 to 30 seconds to read and display the call logs on its main interface.


Hiya has a tabbed interface that flaunts a search function and five options – calls, block list, keypad, premium, settings.


To see the list of dialed numbers and incoming calls, users should open this interface. The call log interface is similar to that of other dialer apps. Incoming calls on this interface are denoted by a grey icon. Outgoing calls are depicted by a red phone icon.

To see the location of the person who has called or to block or report a phone number, tap the number. When you do so, Hiya will display the caller’s history, options to share, block, report the number and the city of the caller in a new interface.

While reporting a number, the app will ask you to select the profession of the caller.

Caller ID

When you receive a call, Hiya will look up the number in its database to check if needs to be flagged or not. If the number is suspicious, it will display a warning message so that you can reject the call.


The search utility enables you to find local businesses and restaurants in your city by their name. The user should enable location access permission to use this feature. Hiya will display suggestions only if people residing nearby you are using it.


This interface lets users manage blocked phone numbers. Hiya allows you to block all calls from numbers beginning with certain digits. Users can also block numbers that they’ll find in the call logs and the phonebook with this interface.


Hiya has a built-in phone dialer tool which you can use to either dial a number or perform reverse phone number lookup operations.


Here, you’ll find details of the premium version of Hiya. If you want to use the free edition of this app, ignore this section.


Hiya provides basic options in the settings interface. By default, it will display a caller ID for each call. It will not display a caller ID when caller’s number is in the phonebook. You can change this behavior from this interface.

Hiya can automatically record and send the calls from telemarketers/scammers to the voicemail so that you listen to it later. To enable this feature, you’ll have to upgrade your account to premium.

Hiya’s settings interface allows you to delete the entire call history. It also allows you to enable/disable a special feature called Call Screener. When this feature is active, Hiya will reject calls from suspicious phone numbers and it will send a text message asking the caller to identify themselves. Once the user identifies himself, you can whitelist him to receive calls.



Caller ID apps run in the background so that they can reject unwanted calls. When Hiya was running on my device, I received about four calls. The app successfully blocked 2 telemarketing calls. It used 2% battery within 24 hours and about 500 Kb mobile data.


  • Caller ID feature works like a charm.
  • Huge directory of numbers.
  • No advertisements.


  • The user interface is not customizable.
  • A bit slow in processing call logs.

Conclusion: Hiya is a good alternative to Truecaller, Eyecon, and other reverse number lookup apps. It has some interesting premium features, caller ID function and a call blocker utility.

  • Performance
  • Features
  • UI


If you find telemarketing calls irritating, try out the free Hiya caller ID application. Hiya has a simple interface and it doesn’t have ads.