Storage memory in budget phones Android have limited space. If you keep downloading useless stuff on your device, the ROM will have loads of junk files. At one point of time, you will not be able to install your favorite apps or games.

Junk APKs from Android can be easily removed with the inbuilt app manager utility or the Google Play Store tool. But to remove empty folders, files created by the apps, you’ll have to use advanced Android Cleaner tools. Here we’ve shared detailed reviews on the best cleaner apps for Android.

GO through the reviews and download the app which you think is right for your device.

Readers are advised to back up the data on their phones so that if anything goes wrong, they’ll be able to restore their files back without loosing data.

Here’s the list of top Android cleaner applications. Apps are free. Try them out and free up the space occupied by useless files on the ROM