5 Best auction apps and sites

In an auction, people bid on a thing they want to buy. The auction can end after several days or in an hour if the seller agrees to sell the item at the price the buyer is willing to pay. Auctions are exciting. They can also be a big reason for the worry. For example, a person is in urgent need of money. He decides to sell a thing in exchange for cash. The person lists the product on an app/website, but unfortunately, very few people are interested in the bidding as the app is not very popular. No one knows what will happen when the bidding starts. But to make sure that your product is in front of 1000s of users and is sold fast at a great price, you must use a bidding application.

Best auction apps for Android, iOS and PC (web)



eBay is one of the best online shopping sites. It was considered one of the biggest threats to Amazon at one time. As time passed, Amazon grew exponentially, but this didn’t kill eBay. eBay’s best-known feature is its bidding system. While creating a listing, you can choose whether to create an auction or sell without launching an auction. Although the eBay app is available for download, you can create a listing only through the company’s website.



Auctions on TopHatter can be as long as 90 seconds. The company doesn’t charge a fee to bid on the platform. If the bid is successful, the buyer must pay the bid amount. The bids of most of the auctions on TopHatter start at $1. Sellers are charged a fee on every successful sale, and buyers are charged a success fee. Products on TH are grouped by their starting bid amount. The application lets its users rate items and find products by their name. TH allows users to participate in jewelry, gadget, etc auctions. It rewards users with X USD credit on creating an account. You can get started with the bidding using this amount. The TopHatter auction site/app may not ship the product for free. The shipping cost and the starting bid amount are shown below the product image. TopHatter offers badges, and it lets users track their orders.


Deal Dash

DealDash developers claim that the products listed on their site/app can be sold for a 99% lower price than the MRP. DD displays various products on its main interface. If you find the product worth buying, you should tap on it and start bidding. Each auction features a timer. Once the timer stops, the auction stops, and the highest bidder gets the product. The company doesn’t charge shipping fees, nor does it sell products that don’t have a warranty. If no one places a bid and the timer stops, you’ll be declared a winner. Deals on the DealDash auction site are live 24 x 7. DD raises the bid amount by 0.01 dollars each time someone posts a bid. It also increases the timer by 10 seconds.



Copart has a listing of over 175k motor vehicles located in the UK, USA, etc. It supports voice search technology. You can save the search results if you’ve searched for something on Copart. The application displays a “Welcome Tour” that explains the features of Copart to the new users. It has a watchlist feature and an option to see the vehicle’s image in full-screen. The Copart auction app shows a notification each time another user places a counter bid.

Auction dot com

Auction Dot Com

It isn’t easy to visit different bank websites to see the properties they’re auctioning. ADC is an excellent alternative to bank portals. It has a massive collection of properties that banks have seized because of the non-payment of loans. Each property on the site has a reserve price. The property won’t be sold if the bidding does not reach more than the reserve price. ADC shows the estimated resale value of the property and can save/print the listings.

Final thoughts: Although you’ll find several auction apps and sites on the internet, the ones I have shared above are the best in the business.

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