6 Best meme generator apps for Android

A meme is an image that features an object, person, or cartoon and a text. The text can be a derogatory, offensive, or funny message intended for a specific person/group of people. People love sharing memes on social networks. Memes can make a person, pet animal, or a thing popular overnight. For example, the grumpy cat meme you find on the web is based on a cat named Tardar Sauce. The cat and its owners appeared on the popular television news channel CNN. In 2018, Tardar won a lawsuit of a whopping 700K USD over copyright infringement. Unfortunately, Tardar passed away in May 2019. To create a meme, you must have basic photo editing skills. If you don’t want to waste your time learning new things, use one of the following applications.

Best apps for making memes on Android devices

Zombodroid’s Meme Generator

Meme Generator app

ZMG allows users to create personalized memes of various types. It provides a tabbed interface and a menu bar. To create a meme, users must explore the tabs and select an image that they want to edit. Once you choose a picture, the app will ask you to enter the text message you want to see on your new meme. When your image is ready, you can save it on your mobile device or share it with friends on messaging or social media apps. ZMG, the meme generator app for Android, enables you to change the interface language and turn on the quick scroll feature. It provides an option to set the quality of the exported meme. ZMG displays advertisements when you turn on the mobile data connection or connect your handset to a WiFi hotspot. Its size is 48 megabytes.

Download ZMG

Memes in Motion

Memes in Motion app

MIM is a widely used meme generator app. It has been developed by the company behind the above app i.e. ZomboDroid. Unlike ZMG, MIM enables you to create memes from the videos, pictures, and GIFs saved on your device. MIM lets you change the order of the videos and pictures. It provides an option to rotate the picture and set an aspect ratio for the image. It allows you to add a solid/blur border to the photos and videos. You can also specify the duration for which the GIF animation must last. MIM enables you to set the output format and image quality. It also allows users to add a text message to the memes. MIM supports 9 languages, and it consumes 38 MB of storage memory.

Download MIM

Meme Creator

Meme Creator app

MC has 500k users and a good rating on the Google Play Store. It is a smaller app compared to ZMG. MC enables you to create human, animal, cartoon, and rage memes on your mobile device. MC’s UI is divided into 4 sections. To create a meme, you must explore the app’s various sections and select an image. You’ll see an option to enter a top/bottom caption for the picture when you do so. This meme maker app for Android lets users change the size, color, font of the text, and image orientation. Once you’re done editing the photo, you can save it on the phone’s storage memory or share it on social networks.

Download MC


MemeGuru - best meme generator apps for Android

MG provides more customization options than the apps mentioned above. It offers 800+ templates. It also supports custom meme templates. You can add stickers, logos, borders to photos, change font size/style, and apply a stroke to text in this app. Instead of shipping the images in the APK file, MemeGuru downloads images from the web when you select a category. MG enables you to delete the pictures it has saved on your device. Its APK size is 4 megabytes. It is the smallest meme generator app on our list.

Download MG

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Meme Faces

Meme Faces app

MF is a free rage comic maker app for Android devices. It provides tons of rage cartoon faces which you can superimpose on an image. The application allows you to add captions to the image and share the memes with other users. You can also apply filters and stickers to the pictures. MF enables you to customize the text. It lets you preview the text customizations before using them in the meme. Before creating a meme, you can crop, zoom, or rotate the image.

Download MF


Memasik - best meme maker apps for Android

Memasik is one of the most powerful meme maker apps on the Play Store. It has 100+ unique templates and an option to use the image saved on the phone’s storage memory as a template. The app includes a live search tool to find memes of specific types. It enables you to add stickers and draw doodles on memes. Memasik works in two modes – online and offline. The 1st mode allows you to find images that you can use in your memes on Google. Memasik is a great app. It has a stunning interface. The only drawback of this app is that the memes you create with it will have a watermark.

Download Memasik

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