Best fun apps for Android to kill time and boredom

Robots can work continuously for the entire day without complaining but human beings cannot. After working for a couple of hours, humans get tired and bored.

To give 100% at work, you’ll have to relax your mind by taking short breaks, chatting with friends or co-workers, etc.

If you’re not a social person, you can entertain yourself or relax your nerves by installing fun apps on your Android device. The applications will kill boredom or loneliness.

Top 7 best Android fun apps


YouTube app

The reason why you are bored is you haven’t used YouTube or you haven’t explored cool YouTube channels yet. YouTube hosts tons of funny videos, documentaries, short clips, funny discussions, prank call videos, etc. To find a video, you must use the search tool of the app.

Whenever I’m bored, I kill time by listening to prank call videos shared by my favorite YouTube channel. I also watch shows that I’ve missed on the television, upcoming movie trailers, scenes from my favorite movies, etc.YT enables users to create channels. Once your channel is ready, you can upload as many videos as you want.

Download YouTube

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9Gags - best fun apps for Android

Gifs have taken the internet world by storm. Several social networking websites allow you to share GIF images. 9Gags enables you to find and share the coolest GIFs. Apart from the animated images, you’ll find short clips, MEMEs through 9Gags.

9Gags is a community-driven application where users share stuff they find interesting. It lets you download interesting or funny images and videos. It also allows you to leave a comment on them. The app categorizes published posts in several categories. You can subscribe to your favorite categories.

Download 9Gags

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Curiosity - best Android Fun app

The Curiosity app packs 10000+ amazing facts that will surprise, thrill, entertain or shock you. Once you’ve read a fact, you must swipe downwards or upward to load new facts. You can also browse the app’s category to find facts.

Curiosity has answers to the questions that you can’t answer. It lets you watch interesting videos. You can bookmark or share a fact that you find interesting. Curiosity kills your time and at the same time, it makes you learn something new.

Download Curiosity


Reddit - best fun apps for Android

Reddit is one of the few apps on the Google Play Store that can give you a healthy laugh. It is the ultimate app to waste time and refresh the tired mind.

Reddit has 200+ communities called subreddits. It provides an option to subscribe to subreddits. If you want to use Reddit for self-entertainment, create a Reddit account and subscribe to subreddits that allow Redditors to share funny videos, images, jokes, stories, etc. When you do so, the app’s main interface will be flooded with posts shared in the subreddits you’ve subscribed to.

Reddit has a beautiful UI. Unlike 9gags, it plays GIF files automatically. It enables you to share new content. You can share the existing posts on social networks or other sites with this application. You can also save posts which you’ve enjoyed reading.

Reddit is a free app that you can use without registration. It doesn’t ask users to verify the email address during the account registration process.

Download Reddit

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TikTok is a video streaming service owned by ByteDance Inc. It enables users to record and share short 15-second lip sync videos. It gives you access to videos that will either surprise you or bring a smile to your face. TikTok is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. It had registered over a billion downloads in 2019. As TT is a hugely popular application, 1000s of videos are shared on it every minute. TikTok supports hashtags. It provides many filters that you can use to make your video look cool.

The app has an easy to navigate interface. It lets you browse the vast collection of videos and favorite/bookmark videos that you have enjoyed watching. TikTok supports Android 4.1 devices.

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Motion Fart

Motion Fart

MF is an app that turns your phone into a farting machine. The app detects the motion of the user. When the user lifts his leg up, it will play a random fart sound. MF provides a button to enable the app’s Motion Fart module.

When you activate this module, put your phone into the pocket of your dad, mom, wife, co-worker and wait for him to get off the chair. When the person gets up, the app will play a fart sound and everyone standing beside you will burst into laughter.

Download Motion Fart


BuzzFeed - best fun app for Android

BuzzFeed is an application that allows you to go through interesting content shared by talented content writers. It lets you play interesting quizzes and watch hilarious videos.

BuzzFeed has a news section where you’ll find the latest news. The app has a search tool and it enables you to bookmark your favorite posts. It lets users share their favorite posts and images embedded in the posts on other sites. BuzzFeed supports push notification. It allows you to comment on stories.

Download BuzzFeed

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Conclusion: The above 7 apps will entertain you whenever you’re bored. Make sure that you install and use them during free time.