Best retirement countdown apps

If you’re working for an organization or an institution, you’ll retire at some point in time. Retirement will give you ample time to spend with near and dear ones, relax, pursue your hobby, and stay happy. Although you’ll miss your work pals, there’s no better life than the life of a retired person. The days between the day you announce retirement and the date of retirement are important. Before retiring, you can finish your pending work, complete the handover of the project, plan things you’ll do after retiring, etc. To track these days, you can use the retirement counter apps. The applications will display the time left for your retirement – one of the biggest days of your professional career.

Best retirement countdown apps for Android and iOS

Retirement Countdown

Retirement Countdown

When you run RC, you’ll see an interface with beautiful beach wallpaper that shows an option to select the date on which you’ll stop working. Once you choose the date, tap the Save button. You’ll now see six grey boxes on the screen. In the 1st box, RC will show the years left for you to retire. In the 2nd box, the application displays the number of months left for your retirement. In the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th boxes, RC shows the days, hours, minutes, and seconds left. The boxes are updated with the data in real-time. The application shows the retirement date you’ve set at the top right corner of its interface and several options at the bottom of the interface.

The options enable you to change the counter’s background image, hide boxes that you don’t want to see, change the retirement date, set a phrase that appears below the boxes, and change the style of the counter. The Retirement Countdown app can show the counter in a row or a column. It lets you add things you’ve planned to do after retiring to a bucket list and has the option to share the counter’s screenshot with others.

A Retirement Countdown app

A Retirement Countdown App

Sometimes, you may retire on the day/time specified by your boss. This application comes in handy in this case. Like the above app, ARC will prompt you to enter the day on which you’ll retire. In addition to this, you’ll also be requested to enter the time. Once you enter these two details, ARC will show the exact time left for your retirement in a simple yet beautiful interface. You’ll also find a nice quote on the interface. You can create a to-do list with the A Retirement Countdown application in RC. Tasks in ARC can have priorities.

Days Counter

Days Counter

If you’re looking for an app to track retirement and a few other things, this application is for you. Days Counter shows a circular floating button when you run it. Once you tap the button, enter the retirement date, the word “retirement” in the textbox displayed above the date selector, and description (optional). Once you’re done entering the required details, tap the circular button. You’ll now see the number of days left before you leave professional life forever on the application’s main interface. Days Counter enables you to change the date format.

Retirement Countdown Widget

Retirement Countdown Widget

The problem with the above two applications is that you must run them to see the time left for retirement. If you want the date to be right in front of you, use this application. RCW is a 20KB application that adds a widget to your phone. You must add the widget to the screen by pressing on the screen and choosing the “Retirement Widget” option. Once you see the widget, tap on it, and enter your retirement date.

The application will now calculate the number of days left before you cease your 6 to 9 work forever and display the same on the widget.

Days Left widget

Days Left

The widget added by the above application is not customizable. Days Left is similar to the above app, but its widget is customizable. You can make the widget’s interface transparent and change the background color of the area that displays the number of days left for retirement. Days Left features widgets of two styles. You can add as many home screen widgets as you want with it.

The above apps are nothing but countdown timer apps designed for a specific purpose. The only difference between the two categories of applications is their usage. You can use the latter apps for tracking various things, including retirement.

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