Bumble app: Location based dating and networking platform

Bumble is an app that allows you to create three types of online relationships – business, social, and love. It is one of the top 10 lifestyle category applications on the Play Store and iTunes. The app’s average rating on iTunes is 4.2. On the Google Play Store, its rating is 3.6. Bumble was launched first on Apple’s app store. It was published in Play Store in 2015. The application has over 50 million users. It is available for mobile devices only. Is Bumble an excellent alternative to Tinder, LinkedIn, FB, etc? Here’s our honest review of the application:

Bumble review

Getting Started

The size of the Bumble application is 22 megabytes. The app enables you to log in with your Facebook account. It also lets users sign up with their phone numbers. Users choosing the 2nd method are asked to verify their phone numbers.

If you have a Facebook account, choose the 1st option. Bumble will import your profile picture and other details from your Facebook account if you do so. The app asks users to enter their phone numbers, upload a profile picture, and select their gender. It also requests them to enter their birth date, email address, password, and name. You can upload and manage up to 6 photos with Bumble.


As mentioned earlier, you can use Bumble to find new dates, make new friends, and connect with business professionals. The application prompts users to select one of these three modes. You can change the mode by tapping the area highlighted by a yellow-colored arrow.

Once users choose the mode, they must select the gender or reason they’re using the application. Then, Bumble automatically finds men/women younger or a few years older than you and displays their picture on the screen. If you’re interested in the person or want to see more photos of them, swipe down. As in Tinder, you must swipe right to skip the person. Bumble will keep your profile picture intact when you switch the mode, but it will change the bio and other vital details. This is because Bumble displays different profiles for its three modes.

To help BB find people nearby you, you must enable location access permission before running it. By default, Bumble shows the profiles of users within a 40 to 60 kilometers radius. To increase or decrease the distance range, navigate to the settings interface. Bumble allows users to like the profile of other users. It also lets you block fake or inappropriate profiles.


Men can’t directly connect and chat with the opposite gender. Once you express interest in a person, the person should accept your request. If they reject the request, you’ll have to look for another person to chat with.

Like other messaging apps, BB offers a different interface for exchanging messages. The application displays profile photos and names of the users in a list. You should select the person you want to chat with.


Bumble lets you use two of the following filters for free:

  • Height, pets, star sign.
  • Religion, etc.

To use more filters, you must upgrade your account to Bumble Boost. You can disable multiple filters by tapping the toggle option displayed on the filters interface.

Other features:

The app has in-app purchases that cost between $3.5 to $200. If you have an account with Instagram or Spotify, you can connect your account with these two services.

What is the benefit of linking Spotify or Instagram with Bumble?

Well, BB will display your latest posts and favorite artists on your profile.


The Bumble app has a special mode called Snooze that will make you invisible for up to 1176 hours or indefinitely. It enables users to delete their accounts permanently. The options to snooze or delete the account are located in the settings interface. Bumble’s settings window allows you to disable certain notifications. It also enables you to set the minimum and maximum age limit the app should consider while finding the matches.



  • Clean interface.
  • Switching between modes is easy.
  • Genuine user profiles.


The primary objective is to make money: Bumble displays the list of people who have liked your profile only if you buy a subscription plan. More importantly, you can use just two filters if you’re a free user.

Nothing new: Bumble borrows features from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tinder. It doesn’t have new features.

Missing search option: You can’t find people by their first or last name in Bumble.

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