Facebook Lite for PC: Use Lite version of FB on computer

Facebook Lite has become a popular app because it consumes lesser data than other apps launched by FB. Facebook has launched the lighter version of its FB app for people using a slow connection. Many people still use a slow internet connection i.e. GPRS, dial-up modem, etc. For a better experience, these people should use Facebook Lite for PC.

FB Lite is a toned-down version of the Facebook app. It provides an excellent experience to users using a slow 2G or broadband connection. The user will find the below cool features in the FB Lite app for PC:

Pages: Pages allow you to get updates from your favorite celebrities, brands, websites, and more. Once you like a page, you will get updates from it in your news feed. Facebook’s news feed is customizable. You can filter news of a particular type. If a page is sharing offensive content, you can hide/block it.

Groups: In my perspective, this is the least used feature of the Facebook Lite app. Groups are like forums. You can share stuff, and people will post replies to it.

Friends: A social networking site is incomplete if you cannot connect with other users. Facebook Lite for PC lets users find their school and college friends. It allows you to build relationships and live chat with friends.

Profile: With this feature, you can share important details or thoughts with the world. FB Lite lets you manage your profile. You can check the profiles of other users with the Facebook Lite app.

And many more cool features.

Unfortunately, Facebook has not launched an official lite version of the FB app for computers. But there are two simple tricks that will allow you to use FB Lite or save data on a PC.

FB Facebook lite for PC

Use data saver extension or feature

Many top browsers have a data saver feature built-in to save data on mobile devices. Opera has recently revealed that its browser’s data-saving feature has saved over 500 petabytes of data. So can use FB on the Opera desktop browser to save network/mobile data. If you are using the Chrome browser, enable the Chrome data saver extension. Enabling the data saver feature/extension will save data. It will also make FB browsing faster.

For installing Facebook Lite for PC (Android version), follow these six steps:

  1. Get the Bluestacks setup file and run it on your computer.
  2. Install Bluestacks and open it.
  3. Locate the Google Play Store in Bluestacks software.
  4. Open it and search for Facebook Lite.
  5. Install FB Lite the same way you install other apps on Android phones/tablets.
  6. Open the application.

Done! You can now begin using your favorite application i.e. Facebook Lite, on the computer with Windows XP and up to Windows 10 operating system.

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