Best Browser Apps for Android

Almost every person using a smartphone is an internet addict. Imagine your internet connection has stopped working because of a technical issue or your mobile data pack reaches its free usage limit.

If the ISP doesn’t restore the connection within one or two hours or if you don’t buy a new data pack, you may get anxious and annoyed. This is not the only thing that may frustrate you. If the internet connection is fast and your browser is taking several minutes to open a webpage, then you may start cursing the ISP.

Being an internet user, you may know that a web browser is one of the most important apps on our phones. Without it, you cannot browse the Internet.

If the browser provides basic features and uses outdated technology to render pages, you’ll have a horrible internet browsing experience. In such a case, you must install one of the following best Android browsers on your mobile phone or the tablet.

Best Android browsers apps

Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox - best browser apps for Android 2016

Chrome may have eclipsed the popularity of Firefox when Google introduced it for the Windows OS but Firefox still remains a great choice when it comes to a web browser. FF is not only popular among Windows, Linux OS users but is also widely used on mobile devices.

The coolest thing about Mozilla Firefox is that it lets you install plugins. If you use Firefox on PC, you may know that Firefox gives you access to over 1000+ plugins. The memory usage of a browser increases with each plugin you install. Hence, make sure that you install only a few extensions. Since the inception of Chrome, Firefox lost its user base by 20 to 30%. Firefox provides:

  • Great browsing experience.
  • Quantum engine.
  • Fastest page rendering engine.
  • Flash and HTML5 support.
  • Multi-tabbed browsing support.
  • Option to open a website designed for the desktops.
  • Inbuilt download manager.
  • Option to bookmark a website.
  • Private browsing mode.

Firefox can block fingerprinters, crypto miners, social media trackers, etc. It supports full-screen browsing and has accessibility options. Firefox is not a memory hogging application and works great on Android OS. It is one of the fastest and best browsers for Android.

Download Firefox

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Google Chrome

google chrome - best Android browsers 2016

Chrome is an Android browser that needs no introduction. It comes pre-installed on almost all Android devices and is a reliable app to surf websites, watch videos embedded in pages, etc.

Chrome is a browser developed on the source code of the Chromium open-source browser. It has a powerful engine that opens a website within 2 to 3 second you type its address in the address bar and tap on the enter button.

Chrome provides a data saver utility. It also provides the  “safe browsing” function that alerts the user when they try to open a harmful website.

Like Firefox, GC supports tabbed web browsing and InCognito mode. When you’re browsing in the Incognito aka private mode, the browser won’t record your history.


  • Blazing fast with nice UI.
  • Option to enable data saver.
  • HTML support.
  • Voice search support.
  • Powerful download manager.


  • GC doesn’t support extensions yet.
  • Requires up to 40% more system memory than Firefox on some devices.
Download Chrome

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Best Android browsers with AdBlock module


opera - best browser apps 2016

Opera was the most used mobile phone browsers until Google launched the Android OS and the Play Store. It has evolved from a browser with basic functionalities to a browser with fantastic features.

The web browser is available in two forms on the Play Store. If you own a low-end mobile, download Opera mini else you must use the other variant of the browser.

Opera has an irritating feature called discover that opens thumbnails of news websites you’ve never heard of. You can ignore the discover tab but this feature of Opera wastes the precious data of the user.

Like Chrome, Opera offers a data saving function. It allows users to switch user agent i.e. open desktop websites. The most impressive feature of Opera is its ability to wrap text content when the user zooms the page.


  • Inbuilt AdBlocker.
  • Tabbed navigation system.
  • Cloud syncing option
  • Opera turbo that improves the speed of the website considerably.
  • Well-designed file download tool.
  • Speed dial aka bookmarks.


  • RSS feed.
  • The bottom toolbar looks annoying.

Opera has more pros than cons. It is a good alternative to Firefox and Google Chrome.

Download Opera


ucbrowser free download for Android

UCBrowser is owned by UCWeb – a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. Unlike other apps that don’t require special permissions, UCBrowser prompts users to enable phone call management permissions for it. It also asks you to enable permission for accessing your documents, media, and other files.

UCBrowser opens the annoying UCNews portal on startup. Many users expect the browser to open a blank page but this is not the case with UCB.

UCB lets you change the default search engine quickly. It supports text-wrapping and ships with an AdBlocker tool that works like a charm. It is one of the best browser apps for Android.

Pros and important features:

  • Special gestures for video playback.
  • Night mode to make reading articles on a website in a dark room easier.
  • Smart downloader, easy to navigate.
  • Saves data with a unique compression function.
  • Special facebook mode which speeds up Facebook.


  • Content Recommendation.
Download UCB

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Why have I mentioned only four Android browsers?

Guys, every time I download an alternative app for my favorite browser i.e. Firefox, I find the new application annoying. After using the new browser for a while, I switch back to FF because no other browsers provide as good user-experience as it.

Firefox supports extensions. Hence, you can install a VPN, data saver or whatever you want. I have used Chrome, UCW, and Opera in the past and found them fast and reliable.

The above best browser apps for Android are unbeatable. Their userbase will keep growing unless a developer launches something different.

Don’t waste your time downloading apps than the ones which I have mentioned above. If you’re looking for an alternative to the above apps, try out Puffin, Firefox Focus, Brave, and Cheetah Mobiles ArmorFly browsers.

Conclusion: A perfect browser app is one that opens various types of websites in no time on a fast internet connection. If the connection speed is poor, it should allow users to turn on the data compression function. This feature helps browsers in rendering pages quickly. The apps we’ve shared above score 4 or 5 in each department. They are free and reliable.