Instagram Threads: Snapchat like close friends app

Last week, the social networking giant Facebook launched a hybrid application of Facebook and Instagram called Threads. Why am I calling this app as Hybrid? Well, although FB has advertised Threads as a picture first messaging app, the new app contains features of Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook’s every attempt to take on picture focused messaging app Snapchat has failed so far. Will the company’s latest attempt to attract Snapchat users to its newest social media platform work? Let’s find it out!

FB has introduced the Threads app for IOS as well as the Android operating system. The app requires 109 megabytes free space and camera, location, microphone, storage access permissions. If you are using the Instagram app on your device, Threads will prompt you to log in to the application with your Instagram account.


Instead of showing a window with options/list of users, Threads opens the camera interface. This interface boasts a shutter button, an option to switch to the back/front camera, open the main window, and a button to turn auto-focus on or off. To exit this interface, tap the home button.

This main interface displays your Instagram profile image, a list of direct messages sent by your Instagram friends and an option to open the camera. It also enables you to see the stories shared by your friends and a menu icon.

Features of the Threads app:

Close Friends

If you could remember, Facebook had rolled out a new feature called “Closed Friends” in its Instagram application this year. How does this feature work? Well, once you create a list of your close friends, you can send direct messages to them. FB’s new app Threads includes this feature too. Threads syncs the list of your close friends from your Instagram account. It doesn’t have an option to create this list. The app enables you to filter close friends by their names.


The Threads application displays a tiny image beside the profile picture to make your friends aware of your status. It will also show the status name below your profile image. The app includes a special feature called “Auto Status”. When you enable this feature, Threads will set your profile status automatically. The app uses your location, battery charge level, and the proximity/accelerator sensor readings to automatically generate a status.


If you want to share your pictures/videos with only specific people, you can create groups. Example usage: you can create one group containing only your friends, another having your family members. The app lets you create hidden groups.

Activity status

This feature is similar to Whatsapp last seen time. You can configure the Threads app to show/hide the time you last used it. If you want to be in spectator mode, use this option.

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As in Instagram, Threads enable you to create and share a picture story. The app creates a story when you take a picture with its camera interface. Once your story is published, it will appear on Instagram as well as Threads.


The latest app from Facebook supports five color themes – daylight, midnight, twilight, sunrise, and aurora. To change the theme, tap the app’s menu.



Good UI and user experience: Threads has a good user interface like Facebook and Instagram.

No ads: Instagram contains ads. I didn’t see an ad while using Threads.


Nothing new: I didn’t find anything new in the new FB application.

Profile picture: Threads uses your Instagram account profile image as your profile picture. You cannot change the display picture manually in this application.

Groups: Facebook, as you might know, allows users to create and manage groups. You can add your close friends to the group and chat with them. Why use new group chatting app when you already have a FB account?

Security: Threads doesn’t have special privacy settings for the account holders of the Threads application i.e. you can’t create self-destructing messages nor does Facebook has revealed when your data will be removed from its servers.

No filters: You won’t find Instagram filters in the Threads app.

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  • Features
  • UI


The Threads app seems to have been designed for users that love Facebook and Instagram but don’t know which application to use. It is also a useful app for lovers of Instagram’s “close friends” feature. For other users, Threads is simply a useless application.