Pocket app review: The best read it later app?

Browsers provide an option to save partial or complete web-page. When you use this feature, the browser will create a folder and save the CSS, JS, and media files of the page. A good alternative to this feature of browsers is the Pocket app.

Pocket is a service that allows users to save interesting pages, videos, and images they find on the web. It is a lightweight and fast application which requires account registration.

The free version of the Pocket app provides 12+ features. It consumes 21.93 megabytes storage space and about 5 megabytes RAM. Total users of the free/premium version of the app stand at 1000K.

Using this application

Users can log in to the app with their Google account. They can also register an account to use the application. Pocket supports 1 billion websites.

The Pocket URL bookmarking service is baked into the Firefox web browser and 499 other popular applications. To save a page in Firefox, right click on the page and select the “Add to pocket” option from the context menu. If the browser doesn’t have an option to save links to Pocket, install an extension from the browser’s web store.

When users install this app on a mobile device, they can save pages without using a browser. This is because Pocket integrates itself with the mobile phone OS. The application supports the following operating systems:

  • WebOS, Android, IOS.
  • Windows Phone, S60, Blackberry.

UI and features

URLs you save to Pocket from the desktop or mobile app will appear in the My List section. The pages you’ll find in the List are arranged in decreasing order of their publishing date. The settings interface of Pocket includes an option to change the order. You can save as many pages as you want with the PKT app. You can also bulk delete pages. Pocket allows users to favorite pages they’ve enjoyed reading.

The application saves the page text and media content on the phone and server. Hence, you can read the page without connecting the mobile device to the internet. The app will automatically sync the articles when your device is connected to WiFi or mobile data connection. You can disable this feature from the setting’s interface.


If you’re tired or you don’t want to stress your eyes, use Pocket’s “Listen Page” option. You can pause, resume, forward the audio playback. To use this feature, tap the headset icon that appears on the top bar.

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The app lets users share pages on third-party sites/services. Pocket enables users to tag pages. It also allows you to archive them.

Pocket’s discover section lets you find interesting articles. In this section, you’ll find cool technology, lifestyle, and science articles. You can read or listen to the articles. You can also bookmark them for later reading.

Pocket’s search utility enables you to find saved web pages by a keyword.

An additional way to discover interesting content on Pocket is to follow people. Once you follow other user, you can share content or see the content shared by other users. PKT provides an option to connect PKT with a Facebook/Twitter account.

By default, Pocket’s interface color is white and the text color is black. The bookmarking/Read-It-Later application supports the dark theme. When you switch the theme, the UI color will turn black and the color of text will be white.

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Other features/settings

Pocket settings interface boasts an option to upgrade the account from free to premium. It allows you to unlink FB or Google account and change the Text To Speech engine. It provides an option to use the phone’s volume keys as a scroller and specify the default storage location.

You can turn off the App Rotation Lock feature and enable the Quick Save Action in this application. Pocket lets users specify the amount the amount of data it should save and the number of times it should sync the content on your device.

Some websites ask users to log in to the app to access the content. Pocket provides a “Manage Site Logins” feature which prompts users to enter the login credentials of websites. You have to enter the username/password once and the app will take care of the rest.

  • 9/10
    Features - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Performance - 9/10


Pkt is used by Editor in Chiefs, authors, bloggers, etc. It is a great platform to find interesting stuff.