Top 5 Best Android Backup Apps

Backup apps are free and ensure that your data is 100% safe. Every day, we get to hear news about exploding cell phones. If this unfortunate incident happens to you, you’ll lose valuable photos and files. How you’ll react to the below two situations?

Your wife gives birth to a beautiful daughter and you take the picture of the newborn angel and her mom with the phone. You forget to back up the data or transfer the pictures to the PC. After a few days, the phone starts heating up unexpectedly. Its battery explodes. The phone’s display is shattered and the hardware components are damaged as well. Well, if you had backed up the pictures to the MicroSD card or cloud storage, the pictures would have been intact.

Android devices are prone to virus and malware infection. If a virus infects your device, it may delete the database of your favorite applications and games.

To avoid the above two and many other scenarios, we must use apps that will back up our data to the PC or a MicroSD card. The Google Play Store gives users access to two types of backup apps. One which saves data to local storage memory. Other that syncs your images and important files to cloud storage platform. For extra precaution, we must use apps that offer both the functionalities because if the storage hardware malfunctions, you can upload/download the backup to/from the cloud platform.

Best backup apps for Android

CM Backup

cm backup app for Android

A top-rated free backup app for Android, CMB asks users to log in to the app with their Google or FB account. After logging in, CMB rewards you with free 5GB cloud storage memory.

The main window of Cheetah Mobile’s backup app flaunts option to backup contacts, SMS, call, logs, calendar entries, photos, bookmarks, and dictionary. Creating a backup is an easy task with CMB. All you have to do is tap on the option of your choice and wait for the app to finish the task.

CMB supports scheduled backups. It gives you access to your CM cloud account where you can manage the files backed up on the cloud platform. This application from CM provides a 1-click option to restore and upload backups. It is reliable and uses a powerful algorithm for faster transfer of files from your device to the cloud. It uses SSL protocol for secure file transfer. CMB also encrypts the uploaded backup files with the robust AES algorithm.

CMB doesn’t require root permissions. It is free and supports multiple languages. You can install and use it on Android 2.3 and later OS.

Download CM Backup

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helium best Android backup apps for 2017

Helium is a backup app having a minuscule size of below 5 megabytes. It is developed by ClockWorkMod, a software development firm behind popular Android apps like the ROM manager, DeskSMS, Tether, etc.

Helium provides several premium features free of cost. Hence, it is one of the best apps for backing up your data. When you run this application, you’ll be asked to enable Google Drive support by logging into your Gmail account. You can ignore this message if you want to save backups offline on the MicroSD card or to the PC.

Helium supports rooted as well as non-rooted Android devices. Users who haven’t rooted their mobile device must install the Helium desktop software or Chrome Extension for backing up files. Once you run this application on the computer and mobile, connect both devices with a USB cable.

The free version of Helium provides excellent features. If you want to send your backup to the cloud storage, upgrade to the premium version of the app.

Requirement: Android 4+ OS.

Download Helium

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Easy Backup and Restore

easy backup and recovery app for Android

EBR is a free app that doesn’t waste your time. When you run it, EBR displays the option to create a backup immediately. You can ignore this option if you want to customize the backup.

EBR allows users to back up the following data on their phone or tablet:

  • SMS, MMS, call logs.
  • Calendar, dictionary, contacts.

EBR has the option to backup all installed apps to a folder on the SD card or ROM. It supports Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box cloud storage services. EBR supports scheduled backup tasks. It lets you create password-protected and encrypted backup files. It supports over 15 languages and has an excellent interface.

Supported OS: Android 2.3.3 and later versions.

Download EBR

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Backup and restore

backup and restore app for Android

The app features a classic mode module that makes file backup tasks dead simple. Like other applications we’ve covered here, BR has a simple UI and it provides many functions free of cost. It also supports the Google Drive cloud platform.

BR lets you share apps between two or more devices without a WiFi router. It has an inbuilt virus scanner feature that prevents malware, worm, or virus files from infecting your device.

The app has a 1-tap backup option that you can use to back up contacts, calls, and SMSes quickly. It has settings interface with which you can:

  • Set a folder where backups must be stored.
  • Enable auto-backup feature.
  • Turn on/off notifications.
  • Switch t another language.
  • And more.
Download BR

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Sandisk Memory Zone

sandisk memory zone app free download

Launched by one of the biggest HDD manufacturers in the world, SMZ features a tabbed interface that displays a thumbnail view of videos, music files, and pictures along with a list of apps, etc.

You must select the files which you want to back up with Sandisk Memory Zone Android app. Apart from backing up the files, you can use SMZ for bulk file transfer and compression.

The Sandisk backup app for Android has a search function which users can use to locate folders and files quickly. It supports integration with cloud services such as Box, GDrive, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive.

SMZ allows users to sort the list of files by its modification date, size, and name. It has a function to switch from the thumbnail view to list view.

Download SMZ

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Conclusion: If you have captured a lot of photos with your cellphone camera and have plenty of important documents on the ROM, make sure you download and use one of the best backup apps we’ve shared above.