5 Best apps like Dropbox for Android and iOS

Dropbox is a powerful cloud storage service. It offers free 2.0 GB cloud storage memory to the customers. You can backup your videos, photos, application APK files, and more with this application. Dropbox provides an intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage files. The panel offers an option to upload, delete files or group them into folders. Dropbox is easy to get started with and is 48 megabytes large application. It lets users share large files with a person of any geographic location. The user with whom you’re sharing files doesn’t have to install Dropbox on his PC or phone to access or download the shared files.

Dropbox has an automatic backup option that ensures that your mobile phone’s important stuff is uploaded to the cloud drive automatically. If you edit any file, Dropbox will replace the file on its server with its newer version. Although Dropbox isn’t a bad application, it offers 2.0 GB of free cloud storage memory. Once you reach the free upload limit, you’ll have to either upgrade to the premium version of Dropbox or use its below alternatives:

5 Best cloud storage apps like Dropbox

Google Drive

google drive - best cloud apps like dropbox

Unlike Dropbox, Google’s cloud storage app, aka GDrive offers 15GB of storage space to the users. Because of the enormous free space it provides, GDrive has registered a billion downloads on the Google Play Store. Dropbox has 500 Mn users. Once you register an account with Google Drive, you can access all your files from any device or computer. You can also share the uploaded documents, photos, and other files with other users.

The best thing about this Dropbox like app is that if you have already connected your Google account to your Android device, GDrive will not prompt you to enter the login details again. It will log you in automatically. The Dropbox alternative has a robust interface, and it supports the Google Photos service. It allows users to make the uploaded files available for offline use and comment on shared files. It has a search utility that you can use to locate a file quickly.

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Microsoft OneDrive

microsoft onedrive - best free cloud storage apps

If you use services such as MS Office, PowerPoint, Excel daily, then you’ll love the free OneDrive application from Microsoft Corporation. MS-OD is deeply integrated with vital Microsoft web services. Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage app is robust and intuitive. Once you sync your essential files to OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service ensures that the files will be available all the time.

MS OneDrive tags your photos automatically to ensure that the user doesn’t have to spend several minutes finding them. It allows users to access their documents offline. MS-OD will let you know about the changes when any other user edits a shared document. MS offers 5GB of free storage on its OneDrive cloud platform. It allows you to create photo albums and provides an option to share the album with friends.

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box top free cloud apps like Dropbox for Android and iPhone

Although Box doesn’t have as many users as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, the firm is trusted by over 1 million users. Hence, it is an excellent alternative to the three cloud storage services I’ve shared above. Box supports over 190 file formats. It lets you preview the HD image files you upload. The cloud storage platform allows its users to upload files until the used storage space reaches 10GB.

Box can generate shareable links. You can use this feature to share files with friends. The app allows you to manage the security of files you have uploaded to its server. It supports offline file sharing and can print files on the go. This free cloud storage app like Dropbox enables users to comment on their files. It also allows users of third-party services to do the same. It is one of the top-rated free cloud storage apps like Dropbox.

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yandex disk - top cloud storage apps

Yandex is an internet company owned by the firm behind several popular web services in Russia. It had launched the cloud storage service Yandex Disk in April 2012. Its app, which users can download for free, has within 500k to 1 million users and a good rating of 4.5. YD offers 20GB of free cloud storage space to all users. Yandex claims that your files will stay safe even if they are synced periodically to its servers. Like Dropbox and other cloud service providers, Yandex lets users share files with links. For premium users, Yandex offers storage space up to 1TB. YD is one of the best apps like Dropbox.



MEGA is a cloud storage service that offers the most storage space to its free users. Anyone who signs up with MEGA will get 50GB of cloud storage memory. MEGA has paid plans that offer 400GB to a massive 16TB storage space. The cloud service provider encrypts everything that is uploaded to its servers. Like Dropbox and other apps I’ve shared above, it lets users share folders and files. In addition to heaps of free storage memory, MEGA provides an option to chat with people and make video calls. The messages and videos are encrypted.

Final thoughts: Low budget and mid-range Android devices and iPhones/iPads have 4GB to 256GB storage space. In case your phone doesn’t have enough room for new storing new files, download and use one of the best cloud storage apps I’ve shared above. The applications are free. You can use them as long as you want.

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