6 Best apps that make you look old

When you grow older, your appearance will change. Your hair will turn grey, and your face will have wrinkles. If you’re wondering how you would look like when you’re twice or thrice your current age, use the following age progression apps:

Best Android/iOS apps that make you look older



FaceApp had become a viral application when it received the “old age” feature. When the news of FaceApp saving the user’s pictures to the cloud broke on the internet, the company behind this application responded by saying that the user’s photos are deleted within 48 hours. FaceApp ships with several unique filters, including the “age filter”. It offers demo photos on which you can apply the filters. FA displays how you looked when you were younger or how will you look when you grow old. Once you use the old/young age filter, you can apply the makeup filter, change the hairstyle/expression of the person displayed in the image, or make the person wear glasses.

FaceApp lets you see the difference between the original/edited photo. It has a fun section where you’ll find gender changer, morpher, etc tools. FaceApp lets you create collages from a single image. It also supports the mirror effect. FaceApp’s APK size is 17 megabytes. It requires about 33 megabytes of storage memory. In my perspective, FaceApp is the best age progression app right now on the iTunes and Play Store. Over 100 million people have used it to date.

Aging Booth

Aging Booth - best age progression apps

Although AgingBooth doesn’t have multiple aging filters, it works like a charm. Unlike some applications that automatically add markers on your face, AgeBooth prompts you to drag the marker on the eyes, chin, mouth, nose, etc. Once you do so, AB will apply the old age effect to the picture and display the result. AgingBook displays a 2 x N collage of the original/modified image on its main interface. It has 1+ million users and requires lower storage memory compared to FaceApp. It is one of the best apps that make you look old.

Age Face

Age Face app

Age Face ships with eight old age filters. It has several ads. AF displays ads when it processes the picture or when you open its other built-in tools. Like FaceApp, AF processes your image on the cloud. The result of the processing doesn’t look great. Some of the filters of this application make your face look like a rubber mask. Although the Age Face app has several other filters, you cannot apply multiple filters to a single photo. AF saves your original image to the cloud and applies the filters you’ve selected to it. It enables you to keep the edited photo on the phone.

Make Me Old by AppsTouch

Make Me Old app

Make Me Old is another excellent free app that makes you look old. It adds some wrinkles to the forehead and near the eyes. When you take a picture with it, the application will detect your face and add position markers to it. If the markers are incorrectly placed, you can change their position. Once this application processes your image, it displays options to add stickers to the photo, write personalized text on an image or superimpose the face parts of older adults. The super imposer tool lets you rotate the face part. The application also allows you to adjust the size of the face. Once you finish applying filters, you can save the picture to your device by tapping the download button.

Face Story

Face Story - apps that make you look old

Instead of using matching algorithms, Face Story makes the person in the image look older by adding wrinkles and adjusting the skin/hair color tone. FS supports JPG/PNG format files saved to the gallery. It can automatically crop and transform the image. Face Story lets you share the photo on social networking apps. Its free version has a limited usage policy.

Download from iTunes

Make Me Old by Apptornado

Make Me old app by AppTornado

In addition to making you look old, this application can automatically add a mustache or a beard to a face. It can also make the person wear glasses of different types. MM shows a “random” button on its interface. The app will make random changes to the transformed picture when you tap the button. MMEO lets you import PNG/JPG files you’ve saved to your Facebook album.

Download from Play Store

Note: Some of the age progression apps I’ve covered above use AI technology to make you look older. Others use an algorithm that adds blemishes, wrinkles, etc to your face (in the image). Use all of them as each app creates a different older version of you.

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