Best apps like Kik messenger for Android and IOS

Kik is one of the greatest messaging apps of all time, but because of some evil-minded users who want to troll people and spam the communities, people are searching for its alternatives. For such people, we have compiled a list of best apps like Kik messenger for Android and IOS platforms.

WhatsApp Messenger

whatsapp messenger - best apps like kik 2017

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service right now. It is so popular that one of every three people in the world is using it on a daily basis. WhatsApp has become an alternative method of communication. It lets you create and manage groups. It also allows you to make free voice calls over the internet with VoIP technology.

The latest feature introduced in WhatsApp messenger is video calling. If two or more people use WhatsApp on a 4G or 3G ready handset, they can communicate face-to-face with each other. In addition to this, WA also lets you set a display picture, status message, etc and allows you to share documents, pictures, videos, PDFs, and more.

Before you begin using WA, you must verify your number. The app is free for a lifetime. It is the best alternative to KIK messenger.

Google Allo

google allo app review free download

Google’s latest messaging app i.e. Allo has become a great alternative to WhatsApp and Kik in a short span of time. Allo users are required to verify their phone numbers. Once you verify the number, you’ll have access to the following cool features of Allo:

Smart reply: This feature in Google Allo messenger allows you to respond to messages sent by your friends quickly. Allo scans your previous messages and then it suggests text and stickers. Users must select the sticker or message which they want to send to their friend.

Shout/Whisper: Want your friends to reply to your messages quickly? If yes, then use the shout/whisper feature which enables users to adjust the size of the text message.

Doodle: Unlike WhatsApp, Allo lets users add doodles to photos. You can use this feature to make funny memes on the fly.

Google Assistant: Allo ships with Google Assistant, which is considered to be an Apple SIRI alternative. Users can invoke Assitant by adding @google before their message.

Allo has many more exciting features. It is one of the latest apps like Kik messenger.

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line messenger : best apps similar to Kik 2017

Line, developed by a Japanese IT firm has 600 million users across the Globe. Millions of girls and guys in the US, Canada, Europe, Brazil, and Asia use this app daily.

Line messenger has a beautiful interface. It provides 100s of free stickers to make messages more interesting and creative. It allows users to make voice calls and group calls with up to 200 users.

Line provides a unique feature called Keep with which users can save their favorite messages, pictures, videos and share them with friends when required. As Line has more users than social networking service Twitter, many celebrities use it as an alternative to Twitter. The app lets you follow celebrities and get updates from them on a regular basis. It also enables you to make international voice calls.

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viber review download

Viber is one of my favorite applications on this list. It has between 500 Mn to 1Bn active users. Viber offers many unique features. Hence, it is one of the best alternatives to Kik.

This free messaging app has a trusted contacts feature, which lets users mark a contact as authenticated. As in Line, you can cake group call with up to 200 people at a time with it.

Viber supports private communication with hidden text messages feature. You can use it to make video or voice calls for free. Viber also supports stickers.

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wechat : best kik like apps

Owned by the Chinese technology firm Tencent Corporation, WeChat is a free IM service which enables you to find new friends with the friend radar feature.

WeChat is one of the most secure apps because is the only messenger to have been certified by TRUSTe. It supports group calling feature with up to 500 users. It lets users share multimedia pictures with their friends in real-time.

WeChat supports 20 different languages. It comes with support for high-definition voice and video calling. It offers over 99 free stickers and a personal photostream in the form of Moments.

Conclusion: People who feel insecure, unsafe or are bored with Kik messenger should try Viber, WhatsApp, Allo, Line or WeChat. These five applications are widely used. Hence, the chances of finding new or old friends are high.