Best lyrics apps for Android and iOS

Suppose your child has participated in a singing competition. The competition organizers have asked your child to memorize a song. Or, you have installed a karaoke app but you don’t remember the full lyrics of the track you want to sing. What will you do in these two situations? Popular music applications such as Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, etc are not the answer to this question as the apps may or may not have lyrics of all tracks in their database. To see the words of the songs, you should use a dedicated lyrics app. What does the app do? The applications have a huge database of songs and words of the songs. When the apps recognize a song, they’ll display its words.

Best lyrics apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad


Genius lyrics app for Android and iOS

According to its developers, Genius has the largest collection of song lyrics on the internet. You can access Genuis’s main interface by either logging into the app or by skipping the “sign-in” step. Genius can show the lyrics of tracks you’re currently listening to on music streaming applications such as Spotify, etc. You must allow it to read notifications data.

Genius allows users to discover new and hottest tracks by compiling a list of most searched songs and showing the same to the users. The list not only shows the track’s rating but also displays the number of times its lyrics was viewed on the Genius app. The application can recognize a track playing nearby you and display its lyrics. The voice recognition service is provided by the ACRCloud content recognition platform.

Genius allows users to read news articles related to the music industry. The articles may have videos that you can watch. It also features text in case you don’t want to watch videos. Genius features a search lyrics option. To use it, you must enter the song’s name in the text box that you will find in the search interface. When you’re browsing the lyrics, you’ll find a “play” button on the screen. If you tap this button, Genuis will play the song’s video in a tiny pop-up box.

Genius allows users to see the facts behind the song’s lyrics. The facts are genuine as they are shared by music artists and producers. This app lets you bookmark and share the lyrics page with friends. It allows users to see the following details of tracks:

  • Artist, producer, writer.
  • Release date, recording location.
  • Remixer, labels, etc.

The Genius app’s size is 18.3 megabytes.



Like Genius, QuickLyric can show all words of any song whose name and details appear in the phone’s notification panel. QuickLyric requires notification access permission to work. How to use QuickLyric? The app will show a notification containing the name of the song you’re currently listening to. When you tap this notification, QuickLyric will show the full lyrics of the song. If the music streaming app has opened a new track, you must tap on the floating refresh icon to make the app load the current track’s lyrics. QuickLyric allows you to rate and save the words of the song. It also contains a search box through which you can find lyrics by the song’s name.

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Musixmatch is the best lyrics app on the Play Store and iTunes. It requires these two permissions to work:

  1. Draw over other apps.
  2. Access the notifications.

Once these two permissions are granted to the app, Musixmatch will prompt users to connect their Spotify account or their music library with it. When you tap one of these two options, the app will show popular tracks. To see the track’s lyrics, tap on it.

How Musixmatch is different from Genius and QuickLyric? On the lyrics page of Musixmatch, you’ll find an option to play the track on Spotify, or any other music streaming app you’ve currently installed. The app must be supported by Musixmatch. The options are displayed in a list. When you choose the option from the list, the music streaming app will start playing the track and Musixmatch will show the song’s words in a nice overlay interface. Instead of showing all words of the song on the screen, it will display lyrics line by line. You can customize the Musixmatch app’s overlay interface. If you don’t want to see the overlay, you can disable it.

Musixmatch allows users to translate the lyrics text language into one of the 25+ supported languages. You can also save the song’s words offline or bookmark it. The app lets users create, customize, and share “LyricsCard”. Musixmatch can keep the phone’s screen on when you’re using it.

Lyrics Library

Lyrics Library

As the name suggests, the application features a library of lyrics. You can access the library only after logging into the application. Lyrics in LL are grouped into 18 categories. To see the collection, tap the category name. Finding a track is easy as all tracks the app displays are sorted by alphabetical order of their name. In case you don’t find a track, you can use the app’s search utility to find it.

The song words you’ll find in this application are shared by its developers and users. You can share/save the lyrics and also change the lyrics page’s theme, text font size, line spacing, scrolling speed, etc.

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Finding lyrics with Google Assistant

One of the many things Google Assistant can do is it can show the lyrics of a song. How to use Google Assistant? Long press the home button to invoke Google Assistant. GA will now listen to the words you speak and will analyze the same. Ask it to display lyrics of any song of your choice. The application will now display the words of the song on the Google Search result page.

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