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Most internet users have switched from PC to cell phones because mobiles are lightweight devices that easily fit into pockets. You may have been using a PC or mobile device for several years now. Do you know that the color display of your computer and smartphone transmits different invisible rays of various wavelengths (intensity)? Blue light is one of the most harmful rays transmitted by a color monitor. Studies prove that blue light makes reading eBooks or text content during the daytime a great experience. But after the evening, prolonged exposure of blue light to the eyes isn’t good.

Some versions of the Android OS allow users to turn on the auto-brightness feature, which ensures that the display’s brightness is decreased automatically according to the time of the day. You can find this option in the display settings of the Android OS. The major drawback of this setting is that it doesn’t have any impact on the blue light. Because of this limitation, eye experts advise people to limit the use of cell phones during the night. If you want to protect your eyes from intense blue lights transmitted by the mobile’s display, try out one of the below applications:

Best blue light filter apps for Android

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

bluelight filter for eye care - best night mode apps

BFEC adjusts the display color temperature as soon as you run it. It allows users to select colors that make their eyes comfortable. You can set the display color temperature with a slider. This application enables you to define sunset time and set display the intensity. It ships with an opacity filter, with which you can activate or deactivate the app’s dark or light UI. The app adds a toggle option to the notification panel so that you can turn on/off its core functionality.


  • Simple and easy to use.


  • BFEC has plenty of premium features that should have been free.

Download Bluelight filter

Bluelight filter by Simple Design

best bluelight filter apps

Yet another excellent application to fix the blue light intensity issue on your smartphone, BFSD assures that your eyes won’t feel tired or hurt when you’re using the phone after the sunset. BFSD lessens the blue light emitted by the display. Hence, it helps you sleep better. BFSD allows you to set the blue light intensity manually. It also enables you to change the screen brightness. Once you decrease the brightness, your phone’s battery will last longer. The app has an auto-timer function and a quick switch button.

Download BLF

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redshift - best apps to filter blue light

Twilight is a lightweight application that supports Android 7 and higher operating systems. Unlike other Android night mode applications I’ve covered here, it identifies your location automatically. Also, this app works great on smartphones equipped with AMOLED displays. Users can configure this app to prevent changing screen color temperature when they’re running a specific application. Twilight lets users save their settings to Google drive. It features a quick settings dialog box.

Download Twilight

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easyeyes - best night mode Android apps

EasyEyes requires the following two permissions to work:

  • Draw over other applications.
  • Access device location.

Once you grant the above two permissions, run the app and tap on its main screen. EasyEyes allows users to change the display color temperature and brightness level. It lets you revert the original brightness and temperature levels with one click.

Download Easy Eyes

Blue Light Filter Night Mode, Night Shift

Blue Light Filter Night Mode Night Shift

BFNM prompts you to turn on the “Allow display over other apps” permission for it when you run it. When you grant this permission, the application will let you activate/deactivate its blue light filter. BFNM allows users to change the color temperature and intensity as per their requirements. It also has preset color temperatures that you can set by tapping the icons. BFNM can dim your screen when the blue light filter is on. It can also activate the filter at a time of your choice.

Download BFNM

My Eyes Protection and Relax

my eyes protection and relax

This application shows two toggle options – one to enable eye protection filter and another to activate Eyestrain prevention. When you enable the eye protection filter, you should grant the “draw over other apps” permission to the application and adjust the color intensity. My Eyes Protection has the option to suspend the filters for up to 24 minutes. It also lets users enable the filters between the time specified by the user.

Download My Eyes Protection

Eye Protector

eye protector

This night mode application is feature-rich. It shows the option to adjust the brightness level and change color intensity when you run it. EP adds options to increase/decrease the color intensity to the notification panel. It also lets users take screenshots. Eye Protector provides an option to activate the “Shake to screenshot” function. You can configure EP to automatically adjust the color intensity between the two times of your choice.

Download Eye Protector

Flux (Rooted phones only)

F.lux is one of the most popular apps to filter blue light. It is widely used on computers powered by Microsoft Windows and the Linux operating system. FF made its way to the Google Play Store in 2016/2017. It is still in the beta stage. F.lux reduces the emission of the deadly blue light rays during the night. FF shows its magic once after the sunset. As the developers haven’t released the official version of Flux, the application may not work on some devices.

Download Flux

Other top-rated blue light filter applications you can use:

Night ShiftInstall
Night ScreenInstall

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Final thoughts: If you don’t want to suffer from vision problems caused by blue light, use one of the 6 Android night mode apps I’ve shared above. The applications are user-friendly and support all types of touchscreen displays. They run in background mode without affecting the performance of the Android OS.

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  1. I use Blue Light Filter Night. When I take screenshots while it’s activated, my pictures get saved like that. Is there a blue light filter that doesn’t have this glitch?

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