Best real estate apps to sell, buy or rent property online

People sell their property to move into a new house, start a business, or get rid of debt. They buy property as an investment or for accommodating a large family. In earlier days, you had to contact a broker for selling or buying real estate. Because of the rapid growth of the Internet, you don’t need a broker anymore.

The Internet has hundreds of free property listing websites. To make people aware of your real estate, all you have to do is register a free account on the website and submit the details of your property. Of course, you’ll need a PC or a mobile phone. Unfortunately, real estate websites take 10+ seconds to open on mobile phones. Large websites don’t offer the best experience on a mobile device. Why not use a dedicated property listing/home buying app instead of a web browser? The Google Play Store and iTunes have 100s of real estate apps. To help you in selling/renting your property or buying a new property online, I’ve shared the best applications among the lot below:

Best real estate apps for Android and iOS


realtor: best real estate apps

Realtor is a company that has been accoladed on several occasions for its top-class services and app that makes the process of buying or selling properties easier for the users. According to its parent company i.e, Move Inc, Realtor has the most number of listings. Most listings submitted through this app are updated every half an hour. Realtor allows you to find real estate by its address, city, zip code, etc. You can also go through the property’s opening time, taxes, price, and history with it. Once you’ve shortlisted a property, you can reach it by referring to the directions suggested by Realtor. The latest version of this application supports Google Chromecast. Hence, you can see photos of the property on television.


trulia best real estate apps

Trulia provides several features to a person interested in selling, buying, or renting a property. It makes use of GPS navigation technology to suggest you the best homes. It has filters to shortlist properties that have been recently added or sold online. Trulia features an interactive slideshow module that gives you detailed information on apartments, houses, and business premises. It maintains ratings of nearby schools, stores, stations, hospitals, etc, so that you can buy a property at the best location. It supports the voice search feature and notifications. Thus, when there’s a change in property status, you’ll be notified of it immediately. Trulia is fast. Its interface is user-friendly. It is one of the best house buying apps in the world.

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free Zillow real estate app

Zillow has a database of over 1+ million homes spread across various locations in the US. In this app, you’ll find properties for sale and rent. Zillow uses the Android notification system to keep you updated with your favorite property’s latest status and pricing. It helps you in finding great properties that are within your budget. Once you shortlist a property, you can contact the manager or agent for further proceedings.

Zillow for Android and iOS lets you filter real estate by value, location, number of rooms, type (apartments, single house, townhomes, etc). It supports 4 types of search operations – voice, manual, GPS, and maps. It allows you to create custom filters that you can use to find a relevant listing. This real estate app for Android and iPhone lets you sign in with your Google account. It provides a mortgage and loan calculator utility.

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redfin real estate app

Finding a property is a piece of cake with this app. Redfin displays pictures of properties available for lease or purchase near the location you select. If you’re interested in the property, you can get a free home tour. The Redfin agent will organize the tour. This app claims to offer the most accurate real estate data to its users. It has filters which you can use to find homes as per your requirements.

RedFin allows users to save their favorite real estate listings so that they can access them later. You can also share the details of your favorite listings with this application. Redfin makes you aware of the last sale price, nearby facilities, and many other essential details of real estate. RF doesn’t have listings from each state of the country, but it covers every important detail of the property. Thus, you should try it out.



Craigslist is one of the world’s most visited classified portals. It lets users list their real estate for rent or sale. While creating a listing on Craigslist, you’ll have to upload pictures, enter your property details, etc. CL offers several filters. It supports 100s of cities and several states. Its official mobile applications were launched in 2019.

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Note: While buying a house, people spend a lot of time checking nearby locations, the interiors, built, taxes, etc. Thus, if you’re selling a property, make sure that you submit the property’s every necessary detail.

Final thoughts: The 6 applications I have shared above are the best real estate apps for Android and iPhone. If you’re planning to sell/rent your property or you want to buy a home, download and use one of the apps I’ve covered above and use its filters. So what are you waiting for?

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