Best baby apps for new moms and newborns

Experienced mothers will find it easy to take care of the newborn. It will not be easy for a new mom to handle the baby. First-time mothers should seek advice from their in-laws or consult a child specialist to learn how to raise a baby. It doesn’t matter whether you’re are an experienced or amateur mom. After entering into motherhood, you should know that your newborn will start learning things from day one of its birth. The baby will observe things nearby them. To make the baby happy and help them learn new things fast, use your knowledge/skills along with the below best baby apps.

Best apps for newborns and new moms

Immunization tracker

Any Do - to do list apps

To ensure that your baby doesn’t suffer from polio, hepatitis, typhoid, and other diseases, you should take care of their vaccination. A nursing home will provide an immunization chart to the parents. The chart has information on various vaccines that a doctor should give your child. Use a vaccine reminder app for Android or iPhone if you have a habit of forgetting things or if both of you are busy at jobs. The iTunes and Play Store has plenty of Immunization apps, but none of the renowned health organizations have supported or recommended them. The best way to keep track of vaccines and schedule reminders of the same is by using a to-do list app. I recommend the free Any Do app for this task.

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Baby Care – track baby growth

growth tracker - best baby apps

Baby Care is the best baby growth tracker for Android and iOS. The application asks you to enter your baby’s name, date of birth, and gender when you run it. Once you enter the required details, the application will open its main UI, where you’ll find a bottom menubar with the option to open history, statistics, diary, growth panel. Baby Care gives you access to the below three important charts:

  • Growth
  • Height.
  • Head circumference chart.

You must refer to these charts to learn whether your child is healthy or not. This baby app allows you to record your child’s voice, capture their photos, set reminders, and more.

Animal Sounds

animal sounds - best apps for babies

Newborns may cry when they are afraid, hungry, or in pain. You should try out various things to entertain them or make them happy. Studies have proved that kids become delighted whenever they hear the sounds of animals. 120 Animal Audio Sounds is an all-in-one application that packs pictures of insects, herbivores, carnivores, reptiles, mammals along with their cries. The app for babies entertains newborns and makes them aware of various animals. It supports over 40 languages and is easy to use.

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Life Cake

lifecake : best Baby apps

Life Cake is one of the few mobile apps you can keep on your phone forever. It is RAM-friendly and has the great functionality of compiling a timeline of your kid’s photos. Here’s a brief tutorial that explains how to use LifeCake on Android tablets and phones: Start LifeCake on your mobile device and tap on the “get started” button. Now, you’ll see three options:

  • Create a timeline for my child.
  • Accept an invite.
  • Sign in.

Tap the 1st option and enter your name, email address, and password. Yes, that’s right! You’ll have to create an account to build your kid’s picture timeline. Once the app registers your account, enter your child’s name along with their birth date. Tap on the “next” button and select the gallery/folder where you’ve stored the photo of your baby. Select the images and tap the “OK” option. The size of LifeCake APK size is 15 megabytes. It’s a great baby app.

YouTube app for kids

youtube kids

According to research, music soothes your child and promotes their health. When kids hear their favorite songs, they dance joyfully. Music also helps a kid learn numbers, alphabets, and words quickly. As the development of the brain takes place during the age group 0 to 12 years, we should make children listen to educational songs. For example, your kid will be bored if you recite numbers 1 to 10. If you play a number song on YouTube, your baby will love it. He’ll remember the song and numbers within a week. YouTube has a massive collection of educational videos and songs for babies. Make sure that you install the YouTube app for kids on your iPhone or Android device.

Baby Tracker

baby tracker

Baby Tracker is an all-in-one app through which you can log/track your baby’s sleep, medication, health, playtime, etc. It lets you see the reports of the tracked data and allows you to filter the data by categories. Baby Tracker for Android can create various types of graphs. For example, if you log the amount of milk/cereal the baby has intaken every day, you can find out whether you’re feeding your baby well or not. Likewise, if you add the number of hours for which the baby had slept, you can quickly find out whether your baby is sleeping well or not. Baby Tracker also enables you to add notes. You can configure it to remind you to change the diaper, feed the baby, etc. BT lets users export the report data. It is one of the best apps for moms.

Child Growth

child growth tracker

With this free application, you can track your child’s growth. You can log your son’s or daughter’s weight and compare the same with the standards set by the renowned health institutions in various countries to learn whether your child is growing normally or not.

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Why no games on our list? Well, if your child becomes addicted to your phone, they will cry for it. It is difficult to make kids give up their addiction. The educational applications may have ads that will show other games launched by the same developer. If your baby taps the ad, he’ll ask you to install it.

Final thoughts: The apps I have shared in this article are suitable for kids of all age groups. Hence, make sure that you install and make your child use them.

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