C Launcher 2017 Edition is really fast and customizable

C Launcher is an Android launcher app that has 10+ million users. The application’s rating on the Android marketplace is impressive. Its developers claim that the launcher is better than rival launchers, namely CM Launcher, Nova. The launcher is popular among Android users because it is lightweight and provides over 1 million free highly customizable themes. Is it the best and fastest lightweight launcher for Android? Let’s find it out!

Review: How good is the app?

Home screen

The app adds a settings button on the home screen through which users can adjust the brightness, phone volume or turn on/off the Bluetooth, WiFi, data connection, GPS, etc. The settings interface is beautiful. Its functionality is similar to the Android notification bar. It provides an option to access the system and phone settings.

C Launcher 2017 edition adds icons of random apps on the home screen. The icons belong to the apps which the user hasn’t installed. These icons are nothing but ads. When you click on the icon, the Google Play Store will open the official download page for the app. If you don’t want CL to show these icons, open the settings interface, select preferences, and tap on the “All App Recommends” toggle button.

C Launcher app download

C Launcher icons are of high-definition quality. They have round edges. The C Launcher adds a search box to the notification bar and the home screen. The box lets users find information through search engines. The default search provider for the C Launcher is Yahoo. You aren’t allowed to change the default search engine to Google or Bing. One of the app’s coolest features is its hidden interface to manage apps, install new applications, create a new folder, change the theme, wallpaper, etc. The interface also includes the following two options:

Screen management

Here, you can define the number of pages you want to see on the phone or tablet home screen.


This interface enables you to customize the launcher or make it default. It lets you enable or disable the C Launcher’s inbuilt notification center and change the home screen effects and animations.

The app allows users to turn on/off the wallpaper blur effect, news widget, and scrollable wallpaper. It provides 10 beautiful animation effects. To access this interface, swipe on an empty area on the screen.

Apps that ship with the C Launcher app


The Play Store is a powerful application. But if you don’t like it or find it confusing, you should try out the C Launcher’s Android marketplace app, where you’ll find hand-picked apps by editors.


Although the default theme of the C Launcher app is beautiful, you may want to get rid of it after a few days. In such a case, open the Theme app.


Here, you’ll find 100s of cool wallpapers for mobile phones.

App Drawer

C Launcher’s app drawer interface is simple. The icons of the applications are arranged in a 4 x 5 grid. You can change their position in the grid.

RAM Booster

The launcher uses an intelligent algorithm to find inactive apps using RAM. Once it finds such applications, CL will show an option to boost system memory on the notification bar. You have to tap on the button to free up RAM.

Final thoughts: C Launcher 2017 is a RAM and processor-friendly application. It has beautiful icons and provides fewer but essential features for an excellent Android experience. The app supports customization and enables users to apply new effects. If you think your phone’s default launcher app is ugly or has outdated animations, boring features, or if it consumes a large amount of RAM, you should try out C Launcher.

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