10 Best paid Android apps that are worth buying

Free apps for Android may have annoying advertisements and in-app purchases. When you use them, the ads may appear when you’re going through your favorite PDF or while you’re playing your favorite Android game. The in-app purchases are as frustrating as the ads. Users mistake them as the app feature. When they tap on it, the app opens the Google Play Store or a website that prompts users to pay $$$ to unlock its full features.

The best way to get rid of advertisements is to buy a robust premium application with plenty of features. Among the plethora of paid applications listed on the Google play store, I’ve shortlisted the top-rated and best paid Android apps for you. Below, you’ll find the best-selling Android apps in the following categories:

  • Launchers, icon packs.
  • Tools, music.
  • Security, photo editing.

Best paid apps for Android

Nova Launcher Prime ($1.3)

Nova Launcher Prime

The free version of the Nova launcher is good. The premium version is better and lacks advertisements. Once you buy Nova Launcher Prime, you’ll have access to the following cool features:

  • Advanced gesture support.
  • Icon badges that show unread message count for social networking apps.
  • Option to hide applications from the home screen.
  • Beautiful scrolling effects.
  • High definition icons, and more.

The above features already exist in the Nova free launcher app. Once you buy the premium version, the free edition of Nova will automatically upgrade to pro.

Buy Nova Launcher

Poweramp music player ($2)


If you love music, make sure that you buy the paid version of the Poweramp player. Poweramp is one of the most purchased apps in the paid category of the Play Store. It allows users to set album art and includes several sound effects. Poweramp has one of the most beautiful interfaces. It supports the playback of high-resolution movies and high-definition music files. Before buying the app, you can try out its free version for up to 15 days.

Buy Poweramp Pro

Tasker ($3)

tasker - best paid apps for Android

Tasker is one of the most powerful automation apps for Android. Once you buy Tasker, you can configure it to dispatch messages (SMS or MMS) automatically, kill apps if they’re overusing system resources, divert calls, launch your favorite music or video player when you connect headphones to the phone, etc. Tasker is not a complex application. Once you use it for a while, you can create amazing tasks on your own.

Buy Tasker Pro

Bouncer ($2)

Bouncer - best paid apps for Android

Unless you download and use an app from a third-party App Store, Google Play ensures that your phone will be virus-free. One more important thing you should know is that the Android OS is based on the Linux OS. For those who don’t know, Linux is one of the safest OS. Although Android/Linux is a great OS, it expects users to know what they’re doing. For example, you might be asked to enable specific permissions after installing an application. Once you enable the permission, the app might keep sending the data to its servers until you disable the permission. Frankly speaking, it is difficult to remember or manage permissions for each app. Here’s when Bouncer comes into the picture. Bouncer will automatically disable the permission for an application when you’re done using it i.e. when you close or minimize the application. Bouncer is easy to use. It keeps an eye on the system and displays a dialog box each time a new app asks for some permissions. After reading the details displayed in the dialog box, you should tap the “Allow” or “Deny” option. Bouncer is one of the best paid Android apps.

Buy Bouncer

Cleaner ($1)

Cleaner - best paid Android apps

The Cleaner app is one of the most advanced tools to clean junk files and enhance the battery life of an Android phone. It can prevent heat-induced damages to the phone’s hardware by cooling the CPU with just one click. Cleaner monitors your phone’s storage memory and RAM and displays notifications if the memory is wasted by plenty of useless files. It can remove the temporary files created by browser apps, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. It lets you create home screen shortcuts to boost the phone quickly when your phone is working slow. Cleaner includes several useful functions. You should try it out if you’re searching for a paid Android app to remove unwanted files, boost the phone’s performance, and improve battery backup.

Buy Cleaner

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Photo Studio Pro ($10)

antivirus pro - best paid Android apps

Photo Studio Pro brings life to your dull pictures by allowing you to use over 100 powerful filters and color enhancement functions. It enables users to create amazing photo collages with custom backgrounds and has a blender tool that lets you combine two pictures into one. This paid app for Android has a color splash function that highlights specific objects in an image. It allows users to add beautiful frames to images. Photo Studio Pro ships with a powerful text editor tool. It lets you place stylish text on pictures quickly. It offers over 30 different features.

Buy Photo Studio Pro

TouchRetouch ($1.8)


TouchRetouch makes the photos captured with the back or front camera look perfect by removing irrelevant objects. Some of its notable features are as follows:

  • Option to remove marks and pimples from the skin.
  • Option to get rid of scratches displayed on the pictures.
  • And more.

TouchRetouch can help you get rid of anything that you think should not be there on your image. It ships with a lasso, clone stamp, opacity tools. It also provides a customizable eraser tool. TouchRetouch has tutorials that explain its various functions and help you understand and use them. It is one of the best Android paid apps.

Buy TouchRetouch

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Podcast Addict ($6)

Podcast Addicts

Podcast Addict is the ultimate paid Android app for podcast lovers. Based on material design, PA gives you access to over 400k podcasts, 10k+ radio stations, and 20k+ audiobooks. The app lets you queue podcasts from your favorite show and listen to them one after another. It enables you to change the podcast playback speed and offers a utility to skip silence from podcasts. PA includes advanced playback controls and several audio effects. PA lets you explore the podcasts by networks or category. It enables you to bookmark track, back up, restore subscriptions, etc. It can save podcasts to the phone’s external storage memory. PA ships with a search utility and has an option to filter the podcast search results. It lets you customize the UI.

Buy Podcast Addict

TinyScanner Pro ($3.2)

TinyScanner Pro

TinyScanner Pro is one of the must-have paid apps for professionals. TSP uses a smart algorithm to capture the documents in high-definition photos. It scans the file and identifies the text content. Once TSP finishes scanning the document, it will display the words on the screen. TinyScanner Pro doesn’t add a watermark to the photos or display advertisements. It lets users upload scanned documents to cloud storage platforms. It can detect the edges of the paper automatically and can protect the documents you’ve scanned with a passcode.

Buy TinyScanner Pro

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Retrorika Icon Pack ($1.2)


Retrorika allows you to add new and stylish material design based HD icons to your Android phone. This paid app for Android provides over 300 high-resolution wallpapers. Retrorika enables you to go through the full set of icons it offers. It is compatible with over 25 Android launchers.

Buy Retrorika

Other paid Android apps that are worth purchasing:

DroidCamX (4.99)An app that turns your smartphone into a web cameraBuy
Wolfram Alpha (2.9)App for math enthusiasts or learning mathBuy
Solid Explorer (1.99)A user friendly and feature-rich file managerBuy

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