Psafe Total DFNDR antivirus review : boost your mobile and keep it safe

One of the most popular free antivirus apps, the PSafe Total, has been renamed as DFNDR. The PSafe Total Defender app blocks 2+ million cyberattacks daily, according to its developer. It protects mobile devices from hackers and offers advanced security features for free. In addition to enhanced security features, the DFNDR app provides a tool to boost your mobile phone. Is the app really worth downloading? Is DFNDR security safe? Let’s find it out!

PSafe Total DFNDR antivirus review

PSafe Total, aka DFNDR app’s APK file size is 15 megabytes. After installation, the app takes over 30 MB of storage memory.

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The DFNDR antivirus comes with the following options:

Security scan

Tap on this option to run the antivirus tool. Once you do so, DFNDR will check each file and app on your phone. The scanner is fast. The app took 75 seconds to analyze 150+ items on my phone. Once DFNDR finishes scanning your device, the app will show a list of issues it has found and a button to fix them. The problems are accompanied by a checkbox. You’ve to select the problems you want to fix.

Quick Cleanup

Run this tool if you think your mobile phone’s storage memory is full of junk files. Once you tap the Quick Cleanup option, DFNDR will scan storage memory thoroughly, and it will delete useless files.


The DFNDR antivirus app provides a vault tool that you can use to hide pictures in the phone gallery and hide apps from the home screen. You can configure it to block apps N minutes after the screen gets locked.

Boost Memory

PSafe Total DFNDR offers a memory booster tool that frees up the system memory aka RAM on demand.

Find and delete duplicate photos

If your Android mobile phone has tons of duplicate photos, you can easily find and get rid of them with this tool.


The DFNDR app will prevent data loss and secure your photos and other important files when you turn on the anti-theft feature. This feature is easy to use.

Overcharge protection

The DFNDR app ships with a total charge feature. When you enable this feature, the app will prevent the phone battery from overheating by showing the estimated charging time and notification to disconnect the charger when the battery gets charged.

Internet speed accelerator

If you’re experiencing slow browsing speed despite using a 3G/4G connection, run this tool to fix the problem.

Internet speed

PSafe Total DFNDR antivirus ships with an internet speed checker tool. The speed tester takes a few seconds to determine your connection speed.

Advanced Security

The Advanced Security module provides protection against hackers. You’ll have to give DFNDR the device administrator permission to use this feature. DFNDR will monitor the battery status when you’re charging the device.

Other important features of this security app:

  • CPU cooler tool.
  • Game booster.

The above two features are related to the memory booster function. Once the app frees up RAM, the performance of other apps will improve.

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14 thoughts on “Psafe Total DFNDR antivirus review : boost your mobile and keep it safe”

  1. Sheryl Robinson

    I just downloaded my first security app, psafe DFNDR! I went through the whole set up, scans, fixes in a matter of a few minutes!! I’m no techy so I was alittle nervous, but I wasn’t forced to add any features. The only one I didn’t do yet is the Advanced Security because I would have to make them an administrator. But I just learned it isn’t hard to undo this if I want. So far so good!

  2. BS!I tried this so called DFNDR. I have a Samsung 7 with Sprint. All DFNDR did was over heat my phone. As far as the anti-virus, that did not do much either. I noticed that according to DFNDR I had anywhere from 300 to 390 mb of trash. I checked to see if this was true. I found out that I actually had about 500 mb of trash. So, DFNDR was lying each & everytime. As far as cooling the CPU. Yeah right. If you cool down the CUP it only does 14.4 degrees cooler. So, either it lies (imo it does) or it only does it a small amount. So much for an “outstanding” app. It sucks and I would not recommend it to any cell phone user.

  3. Anybody looking into this whether or not they should use it: You don’t need it, at all. Normal maintenance procedures done with this app is all stuff you can/do regularly, such as, closing background apps running to free up memory or cool your CPU… I tested this by opening apps, noticed their stats, then did both manually closing the apps via “close all” on background programs and within the DFNDR app. I GOT THE SAME RESULTS. This is bloatware and it shouldn’t be on your phone.

      1. Remove the administrator permission.

        Settings-Personal-Lock screen and security-Other security settings-device administrators-

        From there you will see a list of apps with admin permissions, turn it off for DFNDR and then go back to the app and then you’ll be able to uninstall it.

  4. I’m not sure where this app came from, I didn’t chose to install it.
    For that reason alone, it will be deleted.

    I hate shady tactics.

  5. this app came pre-installed on my phone, it’s garbage. I do not enjoy swiping through ads every time I try to charge the phone.


  7. Worse app ever! It came with my phone and my phone is nothing but a dfndr pop up of non-stop advertisments. Can’t delete it & turning it off doesnt stop it. I don’t like using my phone because of it. It’s always interupting everything I do. It freezes my phone and forces it to do things I don’t want. I’m beyond sick of it! I want my money back for this stupid pop up phone.

  8. Gggrrrr I’m so upset right now! On my bf’s phone trying to reset a pin so I can get on my phone. Get this part, I didn’t forget anything! I can’t put it into the keypad. No access to the dang 0’s, but it wanted me to set a pin right away before I even had a chance to become better acquainted with the app which is Psafe total the vault for the app Dfndr. My God! What do I do? I’ve been at this since 6 am this morning, and have yet to resolve the issue of a terrible app for hack protection. I can’t even use my own phone! Thanks a million DFNDR, Psafe total “vault” protection! Shit user blocker more appropriate. If anyone has any suggestions for me, I’ll gladly hear each & every one of them. Sincerely yours truly “totally exhausted” Patricia V

  9. To uninstall the app on Android, I clicked the DFNDR icon and went to advanced settings. Then, I disabled the app and went back to my Android application settings. The option to uninstall the app was unlocked. I clicked on it and the app was removed.

  10. P-Safe total seems to be coming leaning up junk files but when it gets done the storage space is the same. Please explain.

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