Kaspersky Antivirus for Android review

Kaspersky is one of the greatest security companies in the world. Its products protect millions of computers across the globe. The firm is popular not only in the world of computers. Kaspersky has launched a few security products for mobile devices. One of its most popular security applications has over 50 million active users and an unbeatable rating of 4.7.

A few days back, the application was updated with new features and was made compatible with the Android Nougat OS. If you’re looking forward to installing this application, go through the review of the Kaspersky Security app I’ve shared below.

Kaspersky Android antivirus review

How to use the Kaspersky app?

Kaspersky is a large application. Once you install it, the app takes about 57 megabytes of storage memory. If you’re running the app for the first time, Kaspersky for Android will ask you to select your country, after which it fetches the End User License Agreement and KS Network Statement pages.

You can go through the pages if you want. To proceed to the next step, tap on the Accept button. Now, the app will open an interface where you’ll find an option to create a Kaspersky account or skip the account creation task.

Kaspersky Antivirus Security Android 2017

Once your Kaspersky account is ready, or if you tap on the skip option, the app will prompt you to upgrade to the premium version of Kaspersky or begin using the free version. Select the desired option. Now, the Kaspersky antivirus app will display a large button. Tap on the button to run the virus and malware scanner tool. If you do so, the app runs the following two tasks:

  • Scan the phone to find potential vulnerabilities and malicious files.
  • Update the antivirus definitions.

Kaspersky for Android takes a few minutes to finish the task of scanning. Once the scanner exits, the application will open its report interface, where you’ll find the following two details:

  • The number of objects the app has scanned.
  • Time the app has taken to complete the scanning task.

Main Window

The main UI of the Kaspersky Antivirus Android app displays the protection status and option to open the following tools:

Scan: Kaspersky Security for Android supports three types of scanning operations:

  1. Quick scan
  2. Full system scan.
  3. Folder Scan (Custom).

Update: To ensure that the app is up to date, tap on this option to update the Antivirus and malware definitions.

Real-time protection: This is a pro feature. When enabled, Kaspersky runs in the background to detect and eliminate threats.

Call and text filter: This tool lets you block SMS messages and filter calls from specific phone numbers.

Anti-theft: This is yet another important feature of the Kaspersky Security app for Android. You can trace your lost mobile phone with it. The 360 Security app ships with a similar feature.

Text anti-phishing: This feature makes sure that the messages you receive on the phone are free from phishing URLs.

Web protection: This is a premium feature that ensures that the user doesn’t open malicious URLs or pages accidentally.

Privacy protection: Kaspersky Antivirus and Security application offer world-class security features. The privacy protection module will ensure that your images, videos, documents are safe.

Settings: This interface allows you to configure the options mentioned above.

My verdict

Kaspersky is a great security app for mobile devices. The app’s error-free and simple UI gives you access to many important tools. It has a powerful virus remover utility that will find and permanently remove malicious objects from your phone. Kaspersky worked flawlessly on my mobile phone. It scanned several files on the storage memory within 30 seconds.

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