DU Antivirus review and download: Mobile Security and AppLock

Du Apps Studio, the developer of the popular Speed Booster and Cleaner Android application, had launched a new DU Antivirus app on the Google Play Store in 2016. According to Du Studios, DU Antivirus was ranked #1 by AV-Test in September 2016. For those who aren’t aware, AV-Test is an independent organization that rates security products. The app is popular because it has superb features. Here’s the review that explains various modules of the DU security application.

DU Antivirus download and review

DUA is a small application. Hence, it gets installed quickly on the mobile phone. DU Antivirus doesn’t waste your time by showing annoying slideshows and popup windows. It gets into action immediately after you install and run it.

Du Antivirus review and download

The app’s main interface has the following three sections:


DU Antivirus scans the executable file of each app installed on your Android device. The application does this every time you run it on your mobile device. DU Antivirus shows scanning progress through animation. Once it completes the task of scanning the files, the application will open a new window. This interface makes you aware of various issues DUA has found on your device. It will also display options to enable or disable the following security features:

Apart from detecting viruses, the application checks the system clipboard. It also makes users aware of apps that are generating log files. If the clipboard has sensitive information, DU Antivirus will display an option to clear the clipboard’s content.


Here, you’ll find the options to open the following utilities:

App lock: This tool of Du Antivirus allows you to lock Android applications.

Private video: This utility enables you to hide personal videos. The app finds videos automatically on your device and lists them in an interface.

You must select the video files which you want to hide. Once you do so, DU Antivirus will ask you to set a pattern lock.

Break-in Alert: This feature is similar to the intruder selfie feature found in other Android security apps.

Private call: This utility of the Du Antivirus app for Android ensures that the call records of specific numbers are not displayed to unauthorized users.

Tools: Along with the above utilities, the security app comes with the following tools:

The Android application lets you change the default settings of its following modules:

Antivirus settings: This interface allows you to add applications to the ignore list. It allows you to turn on/off the automatic updates of virus definitions. It provides an option to enable real-time protection and update virus definitions manually.

Call blocker settings: With this interface, you can enable the automatic call blocking feature. DU Antivirus queries the database of the DU caller app’s common spammers. It discards calls from the numbers which are present in the database.

DU Antivirus can block calls from the phone numbers which aren’t present in the phonebook.

Security status security notification: The app displays the system protection status on the notification bar. You can disable the status from this interface of DUA.

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